The Passion of Christ Re-Ignites Fervor for Evangelism in America

( [email protected] ) Feb 24, 2004 11:09 AM EST

The highly anticipated release of Actor/Director Mel Gibson's controversial film "The Passion of Christ" stirred up much talk within the mainstream media culture of America.

Likewise, the film has also attracted much attention within the Conservative Christian community, which has expressed much approval for the upcoming release of Gibson's new film. Many leaders within the community see the release of the film as an opportunity in stoking the fire not only for American missions, but also for that of the world.

"This movie is a visual powerful effective tool that I believe will lead hundreds of thousand if not millions of people back to the cross of Christ,¡± says Marc Rylander of Global Advance Ministries. Rylander was quick to add, "We better take advantage of it quick. Like 9-11, it happened, and then the church kind of moved in. But where are those folks today? I believe God has given us another opportunity, "Here you go, here's something amazing for your culture, and for the cultures of the world.'"

The movie, due for release for "Ash Wednesday" on February 25th, depicts the last twelve hours of Jesus' life. Though the film goes in depth about the immense pain Jesus endured in his final moments, many Christian observers agree that there is still a much-needed effort to explain the great motive of love in Jesus' sacrifice. Currently, many groups are planning evangelistic and discipleship programs in tense anticipation for this new window of opportunity in bringing the fire of the Holy Spirit back into the conscience and minds of the American public.