'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Premiere Date: Sophie Turner Says New Season Will be 'A Really, Really Big One' For Sansa Stark

( [email protected] ) Feb 02, 2016 07:51 PM EST
Actress Sophie Turner opened up about 'Game of Thrones' season six and how the story of her character, Sansa Stark, will be played out.
Sophie Turner at HBO's "Game Of Thrones" Season 3 Seattle Premiere. (Suzi Pratt / Flickr / C)

Actress Sophie Turner opened up about 'Game of Thrones' season six and how the story of her character, Sansa Stark, will be played out.

In the recently concluded season of the fantasy drama series, the elder Stark daughter was forced to marry the wicked Ramsay Bolton, who took advantage of his wife in a widely criticized scene since it was aired.

Discussing the new season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Turner shared how 'Game of Thrones' season six will immediately capture the attention of fans worldwide.

"This season is a really, really big one for Sansa. It's probably her best season yet," the 19-year-old actress said. "It's her really coming into her own. She, this season, really commands the respect that she deserves and she grabs hold of it and she runs with it and it's really good."

Turner added that the upcoming installment will finally feature "that storyline that you've been craving for the past five seasons"; moreover, the character of Theon Greyjoy/Reek, played by Alfie Allen, will be one of those to look forward to, stating: "I'm so excited to see Alfie's one this season."

Aside from Sansa and Theon's journey, viewers are also looking out for other major storylines, such as the possibility of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) being revealed as the only son of Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenerys Targaryen's brother) and Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark's sister).

There has been a lack of information about Jon's parentage, thereby becoming one of the most discussed issues among 'Game of Thrones' fans. It has also been speculated by many that the late Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) is not Jon's real father.

The official 'Game of Thrones' season six trailer has also drawn attention to the return of Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) with which Max von Sydow can be heard in a voiceover as the Three-Eyed Raven, saying: "We watch, we listen, and we remember. The past is already written, the ink is dry."

Director Jeremy Podeswa previously explained that all major characters in 'Game of Thrones' season six will follow "an amazing storyline" when the hit HBO series returns.

Podeswa, who joined the team to take on directorial duties for the first two episodes of season six, also explained that the world of 'Game of Thrones' is likely to get smaller in order to draw more attention to key characters in the next season.

Emilia Clarke, who takes on the role of Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, offered positive words about the scripts in an interview with the Los Angeles Times last year.

"It's just go, go, go, go," Clarke said. "Shocking moment to shocking moment. Epic moment to epic moment. It's mental; it's epic. And definitely Dany's a part of it."

The 29-year-old actress, when sharing details about their work on the forthcoming sixth season at the recently concluded Screen Actors Guild Awards, stated that "it legitimately almost killed" everyone who were involved in the shoot and emphasized how the new season will be "huge" and "insane."

'Game of Thrones' season six is set to premiere on Apr. 24, 2016.