Bible Translation Partnership for the World

Vision to translate the Bible in every language by 2025
( [email protected] ) Feb 26, 2004 11:14 AM EST

In recent developments, the Campus Crusade for Christ International, Wycliffe International, International Mission Board, Youth with a Mission formed the new “Epic Partnership.” Leaders within all four organizations hope that this new cooperation will expedite current efforts to provide Bible translations for many cultures still lacking the word of God.

Wycliffe Bible Translators USA President Bob Creson commented that this new joint venture would greatly aid Wycliffe Internationals’ Vision 2025 program. The goal of this program is to have bible translation in all countries by the year 2025. Creson added, “One of the commitments we all have is to get the Good News of the Gospel to people as rapidly as we can. We really believe we're living in a time where we feel a sense of urgency about doing that. And, we're all committed to doing that.”

Though all four organizations have expressed strong desires in spreading the gospel to many languages, there are still many obstacles to confront. According to Creson, "Many of these remaining Bible translation needs are in areas of the world that are very, very challenging [in terms of] access.” Despite these obstacle, the organizations continue to develop plans to implement this bold move in Christian mission history including recruiting young people from all over the world. It is hoped that under the aid of many such dedicated workers, natives would have the opportunity to also participate in this effort.

Though the work is far from complete, leaders from all four organizations leave many words of encouragement. Wycliffe President Creson ended with a few words of encouragement. In a statement made earlier today, Wycliffe said, “[This program is] a great way of introducing the scriptures into a society and give [people of the world] a chance to hear the Good News of the Gospel.”