World Relief Names New Disaster Response Director

( [email protected] ) Feb 26, 2004 11:43 AM EST

BALTIMORE - World Relief recently named Mark Smith as its new disaster response director. Prior to joining World Relief, Smith led the disaster response programs as the humanitarian aid director for the Convoy of Hope, a faith-based humanitarian relief agency from Springfield, Mo.

A Canada native and lawyer by trade, Smith had a criminal defense practice in Vancouver, British Columbia from 1993-1999, focusing on legal aid trial and appeal work. During that time, he also worked for the Attorney General of B.C. as a prosecutor in B.C. Provincial Court and at the Mental Health Review Board.

From 1981-1989, Smith worked as a pastor at Broadway Church in Vancouver, B.C., and as a session instructor at Western Pentecostal Bible College in Clayburn, B.C.

"Smith brings a blend of proven field and agency experience that crosses the entire spectrum of programs with which World Relief is currently involved,” said World Relief’s Senior Vice President of Programs Gustavo Crocker. “World Relief is grateful to have Smith aboard."

From 1998-2001, Smith worked in Calcutta, India with Mission of Mercy (Canada) as their country representative, and as a disaster relief coordinator for the Assembly of God Mission.

Prior to being named as the new disaster response director, Smith was working in Bam, Iran, in the aftermath of the December 2003 earthquake.

“Every family residing in Bam was affected by the earthquake…most lost their home, many their business and someone they loved,” said Smith. “But because of World Relief’s partnerships in Iran, we have the opportunity to provide long-term assistance in rebuilding Bam alongside the indigenous church.”

Smith’s latest trip to Bam adds to a wealth of experience and knowledge.

For 60 years, World Relief has worked with local churches to create sustainable solutions that help the poor and suffering. Operating in more than 20 countries and 26 cities in the U.S., World Relief’s programs include disaster relief, refugee assistance, AIDS ministries, community health, agricultural development and community banking.

(source: World Relief)