Beyoncé's Mysterious 'Lemonade :What Can it Mean? When and How To Watch For Free on HBO

( [email protected] ) Apr 22, 2016 12:31 PM EDT
The Super Bowl 50 half-time performer, Beyoncé will have an hour long special called Lemonade premiering on HBO this weekend. Find out when and how to watch for free!
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The Super Bowl 50 half-time performer, Beyoncé will have an hour long special called Lemonade premiering on HBO this weekend.

The trailer for this special was revealed on April 17th by HBO. The mysterious trailer consisted of Beyoncé leaning against a vehicle in a fur coat, giving viewers a glance of mostly her corn-rowed braids. We get flashes of eerie scenes like a single light bulb, some red- lit shots of Beyoncé in a rear-view mirror and stairs, a kid peeking through slots. Weird people with painted faces on a bus look at each other and then point at something. Beyoncé sets fire to a hallway and smashes a video surveillance camera. Someone in a black hoodie is in a corn field, which gives off the strange Children of the Corn vibe.

An ominous voice-over (assumedly Beyoncé's) announces, "The past and the present merge to meet us here... What are you hiding? Why can't you see me? You're the love of my life... Every fear... Wrap your legs around me...Pull me in."

Here is the video, in case you missed it.

Fans have been trying to guess this whole week what the video can mean. Is it a full feature length music video? Maybe it's a behind-the-scenes documentary? Others speculate that it's a "visual album" similar to Beyoncé, which was made in 2013. I have an idea that the words in her teaser video are actually lyrics to the songs, and will be the new record that has been teased since February.

On February 20th, The BeyHive Twitter account made a mysterious tweet, saying, "EXCLUSIVE: Album movie, alternate 'Formation' video edit, and an album that will overwhelm you just listening to it! Just wait on it!"

Beyoncé has been posting lemon and lemonade pictures on her Instagram for the past seven months, also.

This special no matter what it's going to be about will be joining a line-up of HBO series premieres. If you don't normally get HBO, you are in luck, because HBO and Cinemax are offering a free preview weekend starting on Friday and going through Monday.

The Lemonade event will show on the 23rd from 9 to 10 p.m. EST. Viewers will be treated to Jurassic World beforehand (starting at 6:55 p.m. EST/3:55 Pacific), and a middleweight world championship boxing match between Gennady Golovkin and Dominic Wade will start after at 9 p.m. Eastern/ 6 Pacific. There will be another showing on Sunday at 8/7c, and will be followed by the season premiere of Game of Thrones, as well as the season premieres of Silicon Valley and VEEP. John Oliver will also have his show, Last Week Tonight.

Will you watch the Lemonade special? What do you hope it will contain? Let us know in the comments below!

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