YouthCompass Teens Build in Slovakia

( [email protected] ) Feb 28, 2004 06:24 AM EST

Mojtin, Slovakia - YouthCompass describes its organization as an "international youth ministry to teens living outside their home countries." When Spring comes around, these teens will be headed to Slovakia to aid and minister.

From April 9-18, YouthCompass members will be assisting a shelter for battered women and children in Mojtin (moy-teen), Slovakia. This Slovakian project is named Project Compassion. They will be renovating and repairing a building donated to the women and children's shelter. Old classrooms will be changed into rooms for the homeless abuse victims.

Specifically, volunteers will lay new sewer line, install flooring and insulation in all the rooms and hallways. They will also fix window frames and build a playground for the children.

This project is comprised of over seven hours of work a day with entertainment at night including a speaker. YouthCompass plans for students to discuss issues of faith and the importance of it in their lives. Leaders hope that they will be able to communicate with the youth regardless of their faith background.