Final Fantasy 15 Release Date, Gameplay, Pre-Order: Square Enix Shows Off Gameplay With New Videos

( [email protected] ) Sep 27, 2016 11:07 AM EDT
Square Enix decides to show off their latest masterpiece, which is Final Fantasy XV, in a slew of new videos which should whet the fan's appetite for more.
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Some games have more fans than the others, no matter how long running the franchise has been. I suppose you can categorize Final Fantasy under that elite group, where the classic RPG format has taken on many different kinds of iterations over the years, with some being bigger hits than the others. As we await with bated breath for Final Fantasy XV to be released, you know that folks would be scrambling all over the place for new Final Fantasy XV developments and updates.

The airing of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is still fresh in my memory despite being shown in July, and it has definitely whet my appetite for more. I can testify that those who have no head or tail about the Final Fantasy series might even be converted after viewing Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

One thing is for sure -- Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV acts as an appetizer, and reveals what the game itself could offer. Square Enix has also rolled out up to 40 minutes' worth of gameplay (which can be seen below) not too long ago, and this would definitely provide long time gamers to the Final Fantasy franchise a better idea on what Final Fantasy XV will feature right out of the box as it hits the market later in 2016.

From the gameplay trailer above, things do look up for the series as the gameplay is smoother and more polished from what we can see. I suppose any previous delay in the title had to do with ensuring everything will run fine and dandy on the day that Final Fantasy XV is launched. After all, it would be a whole lot better to make sure that everything is perfect rather than to rush a product out to the market only to realize that it is gimped and full of bugs.

There is no concrete Final Fantasy XV release date set just yet, but it will arrive later this year for sure. This means three more months of waiting at worst, which ain’t too shabby at all. Do expect to see magic being featured in the Final Fantasy XV release in innovative methods, as it plays an important role in the storyline as well as gameplay as opposed to previous attempts.

In Final Fantasy XV, players gain the ability to perform spell crafting. Before that, one will need to look for reagents that are littered all over the game world, and these reagents are the building blocks when it comes to creating your own spells. It would be interesting to see messageboards and Final Fantasy XV forums mushroom all over the place as different people try out different ‘recipes’ that will be able to unleash a deadly show of magic.

If you want to preorder the game before the Final Fantasy XV release date, then go ahead. In fact, there will be a few lucky folks who will pick up a new custom Xbox One console should they place a preorder for Final Fantasy XV through the Square Enix site. Fans of the franchise might just notice that The Final Fantasy XV model Xbox One has been designed to resemble the Engine Blade weapon of Noctis.

Expect the Final Fantasy XV release date to fall on November 29, 2016 for both the Xbox One and Sony PS4 consoles.

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