Jaden Smith Death Hoax: Will Smith’s Son Is A “True Activist and Role Model,” Tapped To Receive Environmental Award Amidst Gay Rumors

( [email protected] ) Sep 29, 2016 12:38 AM EDT
Jaden Smith has been chosen to receive the Male EMA Futures Award at the 26th annual EMA Awards by the Environmental Media Association.
Jaden Smith for Variety 2016 Photo: Variety

Jaden Smith has been chosen to receive the Male EMA Futures Award at the 26th annual EMA Awards by the Environmental Media Association.

Smith has been tapped for such honors because of “his leadership and action on environmental issues,” which he will be receiving at the event that will be held at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank on Oct. 22.

The EMA Awards "recognize and honor environmental pioneers who embody the commitment and leadership to raise awareness of environmental issues."

‘Divergent’ movie series actress Shailene Woodley will receive the Female EMA Futures Award.

"Jaden is a true activist and role model that can authentically lead his generation to a more thoughtful and conscious future,” EMA president Debbie Levin shared. “Taking action and creating a movement sharing his vision of water stewardship, forestry and plant-based solutions with the goal to decrease the level of greenhouse gas emissions can influence billions. We couldn’t be happier to present Jaden with the Male EMA Futures Award.”

The 18-year-old actor has taken part in JUST water, a business venture known for seeking new ways to source, transport and consume bottled water.

“We are so grateful for his innovation, for his commitment to preserving our Earth and for the powerful example he is setting for not only his generation, but for all of us, to take action,” Levin added.

The good news comes after Smith was reported to have passed away, as suggested by a death hoax. According to the news, Will Smith’s son killed himself after confessing that he is gay, although it was supposedly a possibility that his girlfriend cheated on him, leading to his suicide.

In particular, due to anxieties attributed to his confession of being gay, such overwhelming feelings supposedly led to a suicidal death.

However, Jaden has been a subject of another death hoax, similar to what happened in 2011 when it was widely reported that he died in Switzerland.

More recently, the actor was supposedly saying goodbye to his parents, as pointed out by Morning Ledger, but he merely set the record straight by carrying on with his social media accounts.

On a similar note, the ‘Karate Kid’ star has reportedly brought on an unfortunate fate for his TV series, ‘The Get Down.’ The Netflix show is said to have been raking in mostly negative reviews and is possibly up for cancellation due to the actor’s personal life and the negative news associated with him.

Jaden takes on the role of Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling, a graffiti artist, and while he seems suited to the role, the series could struggle in getting the green light due to the bad press being attributed to the actor. With low ratings for ‘The Get Down,’ a renewal for a new season is unlikely.

At present, the series created by Baz Luhrmann carries on in raising the numbers, although these digits are yet to be increased for Netflix to make a possible renewal.

Following ‘The Get Down’ premiere last August 12, the series has raked in approximately 2.33 million viewers, although it is a relatively small number compared to the 15.56 million of ‘Orange Is The New Black.’

Netflix is yet to comment on how the series will go.

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