NBA 2K17 Locker Codes Revealed, Latest News and Updates

( [email protected] ) Oct 04, 2016 09:46 AM EDT
Get your NBA 2K17 locker codes here! It seems as though some of the locker codes from NBA 2K16 has been retained as well.
Check out the latest locker codes that have been released for NBA 2K17. A game like NBA 2K17 is definitely going to get a yearly update, where there will be tweaks made to the gameplay and system -- which will be incremental in small amounts, although there might be a quantum leap at certain intervals. One thing is for sure though -- the team rosters will be updated to reflect the latest player movements between teams, and the graphics will no doubt be better (fingers crossed). Another thing that keeps gamers returning back for more would be the presence of locker codes -- and here we are with the latest NBA 2K17 locker codes. All of the previous locker codes have already expired, and there will be more that will arrive in order to provide you with an edge in the game for selected players. Team 2K

2K Games is all revved out to roll out their latest “baby”, which is otherwise known as NBA 2K17. This is the 18th instalment of the game, going to show how it is an annual cash cow for 2K Games, as long as they continue to do it right of course. The newest franchise instalment will definitely bring with it a new bunch of locker codes that players are able to use, and thankfully, it looks like some of the older locker codes from its predecessor NBA 2K16 have been recycled and continue to work just fine.

It also goes without saying that not all of the old codes will be carried over to NBA 2K17 for obvious reasons. There are also other industry followers who strongly believe that with NBA 2K17 being a new release, the old locker codes that continue to work are but a glitch that would be gone when the codes list is patched in a future update by the developers. I don’t know about you, but having some sort of nostalgia is always nice, like the Konami code that simply works regardless of the Konami title that you played with in the past. With the latest release of Patch Update 1.03 has on Xbox One, it to has joined the PS4 in that regard. Do the old locker codes still work on the Xbox One then?

For those who already own a copy of NBA 2K17 and would like to know which of the old codes continue to work without trying it out yourself, good news. We have saved you a whole lot of time by listing down the codes as follows.

PARKSWAG and SHOOT2MUCH500 will help you obtain 500 Virtual Currency (VC), while KEEPTHECHANGE will net you 750 VC, with IWATCHEDNBA2KTV and #2KTVPOSTSEASON allowing one to enjoy 1,000 VC. The highest VC reward that can continue to be used in NBA 2K17 would be BETTERTHANAGIFTCARD, as it dishes out up to 2,000 VC.

It is not all about the money though, as other recycled locker codes from NBA 2K16 will be able to offer useful bonus in-game items. PAYRESPECT unlocks an ABA Ball, and you obtain a random player item when the MYSTERY locker code is input. Apart from that, players will also be on the receiving end of a 2K TV shirt for their MyPlayer superstar through the old #2KTVHEYGUYS locker code.

2K Head Ronniee2k has even tweeted that the NBA 2K17 Locker Codes could be used in the opposite direction -- in NBA 2K16 in order to improve player experience.

Rumors on the side point to a workaround that enables players to be able to accumulate VCs. It is said that when one answers a range of game-related questions from the NBA 2K17 tab in the 2KTV mobile companion app, you will be rewarded with free VCs as well as a bunch of in-game items. This rumor has not been substantiated yet but feel free to try it out for yourself.

Those who are interested in enjoying some on-court basketball action without gearing up or getting all sweaty can pick up NBA 2K17 that is available across numerous platforms -- including the Sony PS3, Sony PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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