WWE 2K17 Roster, DLC Review, Patch 1.01 Weighs In At 11GB for PS4 and Xbox One

( [email protected] ) Oct 12, 2016 11:35 AM EDT
Now that WWE 2K17 is out, how has the game fared? The 11GB day one patch 1.01 certainly shows that it was not the most polished title to have been released in recent times.
Bill Goldberg is a pre-order bonus for WWE 2K17 Youtube

The dust has finally settled after the release of WWE 2K17, and with many people taking up the game, it is interesting to note that the expanded roster of wrestlers is the most expansive one ever. Not only that, the inclusion of the DLC and Creation Suite would allow gamers to enjoy far more depth compared to all other wrestling titles in the video game industry. Perhaps this is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after all.

The WWE 2K17 DLC has generated a fair amount of excitement among gamers, since one can now deal with a slew of new characters, matches, and moves among others. As for the Creation Suite, players can let their imagination go wild, throwing in Superstars, belts and arenas in order to make matters a whole lot more interesting -- as though this particular game is not exciting and interesting enough as it is already. All said, WWE 2K17 is a game that should keep you occupied for a long, long time, since it would be akin to playing a different game every single time with a virtually unlimited number of scenarios available.

The Season Pass is something that all WWE 2K17 fans should get, as it will provide gamers with access to every single piece of available DLC. Some of the DLCs include Accelerator, the Future Stars Pack, the Hall of Fame Showcase, the Legends Pack and the New Moves Pack, now how about that for variety to whet your appetite?

The Accelerator would come in handy since it would save you a whole load of time as it will unlock all unlockable content that is stored on the disc in one fell swoop. This happens without having to actually work your way through the entire barrage of achievements. Do you think this particular strategy works? It is somewhat like a freemium title in a subtle manner.

With the Season Pass, gamers can also look forward to making use of different existing and legendary Superstars, which is something that cannot be enjoyed without the DLC. The Future Stars Pack would see the WWE video game debuts of Austin Aries, Tye Dillinger, Mojo Rawley and Karl Anderson, and with Aries been one of the best all-around wrestlers worldwide, he should be reason alone that you pick up the Season Pass.

In the Legends Pack, gamers can roll back the years as they see digital representations of Eddie Guerrero, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Sycho Sid and Tatanka take to the canvas. For those who are more selective of their purchases, you can always ditch the whole Season Pass, and pick up the parts of the DLC that you prefer in selected packs. Of course, it makes perfect sense that the Season Pass delivers the best bang for your hard earned buck -- that is a no-brainer.

WWE 2K17 Day One Patch 1.01
As for the day one patch that weighs in at a hefty 11GB, it shows that WWE 2K17 is not exactly the most polished title right out of the box. At least the patch is released so early into the game’s life, which is a good thing, but that would mean some bit of waiting as you download the 11GB file. The 11GB patch 1.01 will cater for the Xbox One and PS4, although we do not know what has been changed or modified since no patch notes have been forthcoming from 2K just yet. The PS4 update history points to patch 1.01 squashing minor bugs with a better stability, so we will assume that the same goes for the Xbox One patch as well which is of similar size.

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