iOS 10.0.3 Update Fixes Cellular Connectivity Issues for iPhone 7, 7 Plus Users

( [email protected] ) Oct 18, 2016 02:13 PM EDT
The latest iOS 10.0.3 update is now available, where it claims to have fixed cellular connectivity issues in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which run on iOS 10.0.2.
Customers take a look at the new iPhone 7 smartphone inside of an Apple Inc. store in New York, U.S., September 16, 2016. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Apple has just introduced the iOS 10.0.3 update, which is a minor update to iOS 10 that will cater specifically for the latest flagship Apple devices -- the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. This particular update ought to spell the end of cellular connectivity problems that have plagued the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Pretty minor issues when you compare it to the Galaxy Note 7s random exploding problem, but an irritating one nonetheless which needs to be fixed. However, all older iPhones and iPads that run on iOS 10.0.2 do not seem to have cellular connectivity problems, so there is no need to update your device with iOS 10.0.3.

This particular problem do seem to be more common for Verizon Wireless subscribers in the US, where majority of the complaints point to the handsets dropping their LTE connections which will result in a fall back to far slower 3G speeds at best, or lose all connectivity at worst. AT&T users have also reported of such incidences since late last week, although the number of complaints have not been as numerous as those from Verizon’s camp.

Apart from that, Bloomberg has also managed to sniff down complaints from Chinese users whose iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones going silent -- losing their signals completely. So far, Apple's release notes have remained mum on the specific countries or carriers, although fingers crossed, the release of the iOS 10.0.3 update ought to be able to solve this particular problem for all users.

There are some who were affected by this niggling bug resorting to the old standby method of restarting their devices, swapping their SIM cards, making sure Airplane Mode is turned on, before switching the device off. Others claimed to have fixed it by turning the “Enable LTE” feature to “Data Only” through the Settings app.

If you do not want to wait for the update to arrive on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you can do so manually by heading to the Settings app > General > Software Update. iOS 10.0.3 should come with the build version of 14A551, so do take note of that.

We have also received word that Apple is currently spending their time and effort to roll out iOS 10.1, which would be a major update to iOS 10. iOS 10.1 should see the inclusion of the "portrait mode" feature that will jive with the iPhone 7 Plus' dual-camera system, not to mention performing other kinds of tweaks and changes (for the better). Right now, that update is in its third developer beta, and we should be able to see it released this fall -- preferably before the holiday season begins, of course.

We did mention that Pangu and TaiG are having issues with rolling out the latest iOS jailbreak simply because Apple is far ahead of the game in terms of iOS update releases, first with iOS 10.0.2 and now, the latest iOS 10.0.3 update. It looks like the hacking groups are now far behind in their respective schedules, and Apple has the upper hand for now.

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