Pokemon Sun and Moon News Update: Adult Red And Blue Trainers Featured

( [email protected] ) Oct 28, 2016 03:58 PM EDT
Pokemon Sun and Moon will feature two well loved trainers -- Blue and Red, except that puberty had already hit them and they are supposedly responsible adults now.

I am quite sure that many of us who grew up playing Pokemon on our Nintendo Game Boy would not have forgotten how simple things were back then. There were not so many colors to mull over in terms of Pokemon titles, and all you had to do was to make sure that you have a steady stream of AA batteries to keep your Game Boy going, and life would be perfect. However, things have changed over the years, and the Pokemon franchise has certainly explode across many different generation consoles, gaining a whole new following along the way. Let nostalgia sweep over you when Pokemon Sun and Moon hits the market -- since Red and Blue, the original trainers from the first few Pokemon games, have also grown up with the passing passage of Father Time.

Two decades have passed since Red and Blue debuted, and now that they are old enough to vote -- or even to start a family of their own, how do you like the way they are portrayed? In Red and Blue, the former has more often than not played the role of the silent, suffering one. Most of the time lonely, and having his every move being intercepted by Blue most of the time, life was not good for red. In other words, Blue was the big bully in the proverbial playground when they were much younger.

Throughout the game, Red tended to be on his own without poking his nose into other people’s affairs, hoping to actually make his way to the next gym in his quest to train up his Pokemon. Each time he does so, Blue would somehow or rather manage to appear there as well, making us wonder whether Blue had stalker-like tendencies even at such a young age. However, poetic justice was served when Red bested Blue at the end of it all -- back then, even though Blue successfully broke into the Elite 4 before Red. In other words, Red ended up as the best trainer in the region, slow and steady is the moral of the story, folks.

Fast forward a couple of decades later, and you know for sure that there is plenty of opportunity to attach a back story here. Red lead a somewhat mysterious life after Pokemon Red and Blue, changing his look in Fire Red and Leaf Green, before disappearing for a while. Blue, however, also appeared in Fire Red and Leaf Green, as well as showing up in Gold and Silver, not to mention replacing Giovanni as the leader of the Viridian Gym.

What do you think of the updated art of Red and Blue trainers? Blue looks like he has gone through enough in life to appreciate the fact that it does not pay to be unkind to other people, and he looks so much better now as though he is chilled out. As for Red, perhaps the pent up years of bullying and frustration has eaten into his psyche, making him on a permanent angry streak.

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