Longmire Season 6 Renewal News: Social Media Stampede Aftermath, Air Date and Updates

( [email protected] ) Oct 31, 2016 02:55 PM EDT
It looks like the Netflix series Longmire has plenty of fans, so much so a social media stampede was held over the weekend, fingers crossed that Longmire Season 6 will be a reality!
Teaser image for Netflix's ''Longmire'' series. YouTube / Netflix U.S. & Canada

Longmire, the western crime drama that debuted four years back on the A&E network, has had a pretty bumpy ride. This does not discount the fact that there is a pretty strong fan base for it at the moment though, which is all the more surprising. It does seem that network executives are not exactly clairvoyant, taking into consideration that A&E did not see much future in the Longmire series, and decided not to renew it. Thankfully, redemption came in the form of Netflix’s faith in the series, where Netflix went ahead with the series’ renewal. Obviously, Longmire has done pretty well for itself, having the fifth season debut just last month on Netflix. Longmire fans are obviously fidgeting all around, wondering if Longmire Season 6 is going to be a reality.

A social media stampede was held yesterday in order to campaign for a sixth season, such is the fervor and dedication that fans have for the TV series. The Longmire production actually decided to harness the power of Twitter in order to share news concerning the social media stampede that happened yesterday, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on both Facebook and Twitter. Fans of Longmire who want to see Season 6 become reality are more than encouraged to post their fandom, share the word around, as well as tweet and of course, retweet about it.

Not only that, it was greatly encouraged for fans to share their thoughts on the Longmire series, as well as show off reasons on why they would want Longmire Season 6 to become reality. I am quite sure that you would most probably have seen the tag "@Netflix" as well as the hashtag "#LongmireS6” a whole lot yesterday throughout the hour. Perhaps the fact that Longmire is close to a renewal at Netflix made this one of the final few efforts that fans of the series were able to openly show off their support -- and any TV show or series that has massive support from the masses would definitely raise an eyebrow -- or two, from the network executives as a potential money maker. Think of all the eyeballs that will view the ads!

Should Longmire Season 6 be approved, then viewers ought to be able to catch Robert Taylor return as Walt Longmire, while Katee Sackhoff would play the role of Vic Moretti, and Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear. According to Huffington Post, the portrayal of Philips definitely showcases some fine acting chops, and fingers crossed, it will be renewed on Netflix.

Considering how Netflix renewed Longmire for Season 5 on October 30 in 2015, historical precedence could be the main reason as to why the social media stampede was scheduled on the same day one year down the road. All that we Longmire fans can actually do for the moment would be to patiently wait for the official word from the folks over at Netflix, as to whether there will be a Longmire Season 6 air date or not.

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