Robinson: The Journey Ships, Best Buy Breaks Street date

( [email protected] ) Nov 03, 2016 12:26 AM EDT
Robinson: The Journey has started to ship for those who have placed a pre-order as Best Buy breaks the street date.

The world of VR (Virtual Reality) gets a whole lot more interesting with the release of Robinson: The Journey, being one of the potentially many PlayStation VR titles that are being prepared to hit the market. Interestingly enough, Best Buy decided to break Robinson: The Journey’s street date by close to a week before its official release, now how about that? Certainly PlayStation VR owners would be raring to go with Robinson: The Journey and would not mind the earlier than expected release date.

Word of Best Buy breaking the street date for Robinson: The Journey started to get around after a growing number of users on social media have stepped up to mention of this situation, in addition to a few members of the Power Up Gaming team. Basically, Best Buy had already began to ship Robinson: The Journey from the beginning of this month to those who placed a pre-order for the title, and many people had an early holiday surprise by receiving their copy of Robinson: The Journey already.

As you can tell by its name (sans the Crusoe bit of course), Robinson: The Journey is an explorative adventure game that will let you play the role of the protagonist, a young boy who ended up alone on a mysterious planet after he crash landed. This planet can be said to be the Land before Time, although there are no cute dinosaurs to keep him company, but rather, is filled with a slew of beasts and perhaps even monsters from the prehistoric era.

Robinson: The Journey’s developer Crytek claims that this game will come with a play time of approximately three to five hours. It does not sound that long when you think about it, although one would have to take into consideration that this is a Virtual Reality title and not one of those epic titles which take countless hours to complete. Not everyone is also cut out for VR gaming in the first place, too, which could be a factor in limiting the playing time to just 4 hours thereabouts.

Do take note that PlayStation Move support is not supported in Robinson: The Journey just yet, although Crytek has mentioned that they intend to introduce such support into a future update. Originally, Robinson: The Journey was meant to arrive on November 8, where it will be an exclusive release for the PS4 and PlayStation VR over in North America, while folks living in Europe will have to wait for an additional day.

Developer Crytek did mention that Robinson: The Journey will retail for $59.99 a pop, but Amazon as well as other retailers are still selling it for $39.96, which means you would have saved quite a fair amount of dough that you can use to buy yourself a decent meal outside, or perhaps to reserve the money saved for another game that you have in mind. If you have already received your copy of Robinson: The Journey, how do you find it? 

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