Apple Black Friday Deals 2016: iPhone, iPad and MacBook

( [email protected] ) Nov 07, 2016 09:20 PM EST
Have you been hankering after the iPhone, iPad and/or MacBook from Apple and never really managed to wrap your fingers around them because of the high entry price? Perhaps checking out some of these Black Friday deals might do your soul and wallet a whole world of good.
Customers take a look at the new iPhone 7 smartphone inside of an Apple Inc. store in New York, U.S., September 16, 2016. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Always wanted to own one of those shiny new aluminum clad devices from Apple, but never really took the jump because of the price? Well, this is one of the reasons as to why you should look forward to Black Friday deals, and just what kind of Black Friday deals are being lined up for the Apple iPhone, MacBook and iPad?

iPhone Black Friday Deals 2016
Black Friday 2016 might still be some ways away on this November 25th, but retailers are certainly going to pull out all of the stops to make sure that the public are well aware of what will be on sale way before that so that they can make the necessary preparations. We do know that T-Mobile will also be on-board the Black Friday 2016 bandwagon, where they will be offering the Apple iPhone SE for $99 a pop. We are talking about the 16GB iPhone SE version here, and the $99 price is after taking bill credits into consideration.

Those with Sam’s Club can pick up the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and receive $250 gift cards, in addition to a waiver of activation fees on any iPhone that is purchased using an installment plan. We would personally prefer to get a $250 discount outright as opposed to a gift card, since that would mean not saving anything, just receiving some free stuff. Still, that is better than nothing, and limited quantities in stock should make you want to work out your budget, fast!

iPad Black Friday Deals 2016
If you would like to subscribe to T-Mobile ONE, then you can enjoy a free 4th line -- in addition to obtaining a free iPad 4 Mini thanks to the clever use of bill credits with a wireless plan, now how about that? As for the 32GB iPad Pro 9.7 as well as the iPad Air 2, those will be made available from T-Mobile with a $250 discount, savings that will certainly be able to go some distance no matter how you look at it.

Sam’s Club members will be able to enjoy the Apple iPad Pro with a $175 discount -- and this is a fantastic deal since it covers all iPad Pro models regardless of storage capacity or connectivity options. The iPad deal alone is valid as long as you perform an online transaction for it, and is one of the better deals out there for an iOS-powered tablet.

Basically, do expect additional Black Friday 2016 deals for the iPad family this year as there was no new model launch. Some deals might see the iPad Air 2 gain a discount range of $50 to $75, while the iPad mini 4 will be cheaper by $100 to $150, and the aged iPad mini 2 ought to have $50 or more off the sticker price.

MacBook Black Friday Deals 2016
It remains to be seen just how many Black Friday deals for the MacBook range we will see this year, but perhaps a gift card offer could be thrown into the mix to sweeten whatever purchases that you intend to make. For instance, the older generation MacBook Pro with Retina Display should see $200 to $300 slashed off from the recommended retail price, while the MacBook Air ought to be $100 to $200 more affordable. With the regular MacBook being popular, it will have a lower discount margin of $50 to $100 off. Chances are the biggest deals will involve the 11-inch MacBook Air that is no longer in production, so retailers might want to move out their whole inventory by introducing crazy discounts for that model -- in addition to the aged 2015 MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch models.

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