Pokemon GO Generation 2 News Update: Pokemon Leaked In Source Code

( [email protected] ) Nov 08, 2016 09:51 AM EST
Digging into Pokemon GO Gen 2's source code points to over 100 new Pokemon for you to catch and train.
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Pokemon is a rabbit hole that does not have any end, and it would require supreme willpower to quit the game. That is because there does not seem to be any end to the game -- once you think that you have caught them all, along comes a new expansion or update to the game which will reveal more evolutions and new Pokemons, and the vicious cycle repeats itself once again. Pokemon GO has been quite the gaming revelation this summer, and it looks as though the Generation 2 update to Pokemon GO is not going to let up on its vise-like grip on the millions of Pokemon trainers all around the world.

The Pokemon GO Generation 2 update is set to make waves when it hits the market -- and the latest leak points to some rather interesting aspects of the game, including some of the Pokemon that will arrive with the update. Digging into the leaked code for Pokemon GO Generation 2, it seems that there will be some interesting changes made to the game when it is made available.

For instance, you might be satisfied knowing that you have “caught ‘em all”, but Pokemon GO Generation 2 will see that you end up with another 101 new Pokémon to play with. In fact, the most recent Pokemon GO Android application package (also known as the APK) did show off that Ditto will be one of the 101 new Pokemon made available to the masses, and the code also carries a new move that is known as “Transform”. This is more or less a certainty that Ditto will be a reality in Pokemon GO Generation 2, being a pink colored blob that would be the Mystique of the Pokemon world, as it has the ability to virtually be any other Pokemon that you so desire. Obviously, this would make Ditto one of the most highly sought after Pokemon for its morphing abilities, don’t you think so?

It remains to be seen as to how “Transform” will be used in Pokemon GO Generation 2, so feel free to speculate away. Apart from Ditto, the leak from the upcoming Generation 2 code reveals that the remaining 100 Pokemon that will be made available will hail from both Pokemon Gold and Silver games, where the list kicks off with Chikorita at number 152, where it will end up at number 251, which would be none other than Celebi. The very same APK which has divulged such rich information has also carefully grouped all of these Pokemon into 52 different evolution families that could end up in the AR (Augmented Reality) game.

It remains to be seen as to when Pokemon GO Generation 2 will be released, although we are putting our smart money on sooner rather than later. The most recent version of Pokemon GO does come with its fair share of daily bonuses, not to mention an improved gym system that ought to keep trainers more than happy to continue playing the game. Not only that, Niantic has disabled Pokestop spinning for those who travel at driving speeds for obvious reasons. Just stay tuned for Pokemon GO Generation 2, all right?

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