Costco Black Friday Deals 2016: Vizio 4K Ultra HD Display, Samsung 4K SUHD Smart TV

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2016 04:07 AM EST
Check out some of the better Costco Black Friday deals this year -- online and on-site.

Costco, the warehouse club, is another prime example on how having a “member’s only” attitude does reap rewards for all those who walk through their doors for some shopping. Being a warehouse club, things in there tend to be purchased and subsequently, sold in bulk: which is why they are able to offer such competitive prices compared to your regular grocery store or supermarket. However, when it comes to events like Black Friday, there are better than normal deals to look out for -- and it seems that there are more than just a bunch of markdowns that will keep its members happy.

Do take note that Costco is offering the dollar discount on selected items. The final prices on the products happen to be determined by individual Costco stores, where some have been earmarked especially for online transactions, so those of you out there who want to stretch your dollar to the maximum will have to do some running around and legwork in order to figure out whether that is the best possible deal for the moment. It would be advisable to take into account the time-cost opportunity if you’re going around too though.

Online exclusive, store-only and physical store deals
The online-only sale items will kick off from the start of Thanksgiving all the way through to Cyber Monday, November 27. It would be important to take down the operating times of physical stores -- they are closed on Thanksgiving and will only open at 9 a.m. on Black Friday. As for store-only deals, those happen to be are available from Friday all the way through to Monday. You will be able to obtain a list on which particular retailer will be open and close on Thanksgiving Day here so that you do not waste your time. Without further ado, here are some of the interesting deals that might pique your curiosity.

The Xbox One S 500GB with Minecraft will retail for $249, which is a $50 discount off the regular $299 price point. However, should this sweet Xbox One S bundle hit the $240 mark, then it would be the lowest price point that the market would have seen to date, helping you save more money compared to other retailers.

There is also some room for home improvement and those who would like to keep their homes neat and tidy: the Dyson Ball Complete upright vacuum will come with a massive $160 discount off the sticker price. This is a top drawer bargain, which would mean after slashing that amount off, the Dyson Ball Complete will retail for $290, going under the $300 mark that would make it the lowest price point in the market for such quality. Normally, Dyson’s Ball upright vacuum cleaners have been priced from $400 all the way to $700, based on the model type being sold.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 bundle will get a $250 price cut, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Not that there is false advertising here, but one should check out the specifications in the Costco bundle. So far we do know that the Surface Pro 4 advertised is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and accompanied by a 256GB hard drive. With a recommended retail price of $1,799, Microsoft has a promotion of their own for a similar machine at $1,599.

TVs galore is also available at Costco over the Black Friday weekend, with $980 netting you the Vizio 70-inch class 4K Ultra HD LED LCD home theater display, while $690 will let you bring home the Vizio 65-inch class 4K Ultra HD LED LCD home theater display.For $1,580, you can have the lovely Samsung 65-inch class curved 4K SUHD smart LED LCD TV, while a mere $290 will make you the proud new owner of the Samsung 40-inch class 4K Ultra HD Smart LED LCD TV.

Always give Costco's Black Friday page a refresh to check out the latest deals if you want to be in the loop.

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