Things to Know Before You Buy 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Pokemon Moon'

( [email protected] ) Nov 21, 2016 09:17 AM EST
While the two games"Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon"  are largely identical, there are some differences that might help players decide which game to buy.
"Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" takes place in the island of Alola, a tropical island filled with friendly faces and powerful Pokemons. Twitter/7thGenPokemon

A new game for the Pokemon franchise recently been released. To commemorate its 20th anniversary, Game Freak released "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon." If you have not played the game in a while, or if you've only played "Pokemon Go," here are some things you need to know before you go and purchase "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

Pokemon has been in the habit of releasing two nearly identical games at a time, they did it with "Pokemon Re" and "Pokemon Blue," and now they're continuing it with "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon." Now the first thing you need to know is that the two games are almost identical, save for a few things. Like the legendary Pokemon, "Pokemon Sun" is Solage, which has a full metal body and its special move is the Sunsteel Strike. While the "Pokemon Moon" features an animal that's bat-like in appearance named Lunala, which has a Shadow Shield ability.  

The gameplay for the new Pokemon game is the same as its predecessors.  The main goal is still to catch legendary creatures with magical powers and abilities. This time the game takes place in Alola, a tropical island that is reported to be heavily influenced by Hawaii. But if you are migrating from the ever popular "Pokemon Go" to "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon," then it is very different. While the former requires you to step outside and walk your surroundings to catch the Pokemon, the new releases are narrative-driven and do not require you to go out.

"Sun" and "Moon" only requires you to control a kid to explore the islands of Alola. The region looks friendly, and don't be surprised if you find friendly and familiar faces who will help you in your journey as a Pokemon trainer. That is one thing that's different in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the players are encouraged to form relationships, to be friends not just with people from the island but with the creatures they can capture.

 The competition between Pokemon has also somewhat become friendlier. In the old Pokemon games, match after match happens, without any rest. This time, though, your opponents will even let your creatures rest and heal before another bout.

Wired reports that what makes "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" is that, while the Pokemon franchise was primarily aimed at children, the new releases are a perfect balance that would appeal to both children and adults.

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