Nick Vujicic Brings 'God Is Good' To 600 US Prisons, Caring for 'Least of These'

( [email protected] ) Nov 22, 2016 11:00 AM EST
Life Without Limbs, the ministry of Nick Vujicic, announces the distribution of video talks which will be used during Bible studied in various prisons in America.
Nick Vujicic will bring his message of hope to prisons in America through a series of video talks. Flickr/EdMcGowan

Motivational speaker and Australian Christian evangelist Nicholas James Vujicic is bringing his message of positivity to various prisons in America. Born with phocomelia, Nick is known as the "limbless evangelist" and has traveled all over the world to preach that no matter the circumstance "God is good".

His ministry Life Without Limbs announced that his message would now be heard by those who are incarcerated. Life Without Limbs will be distributing a video talk that chaplains and volunteers can use for Bible studies. As of this writing, there are 601 prisons in 21 states who will use it, and they are awaiting for a response from 8 more states.

Nick Vujicic has already God's message of hope to prisons like Telford Unit Prison in Texas. In the talk he gave, he says he understands that sometimes it's hard to believe that there is hope, that sometimes one may get fed up with just hearing about positivity, given what they are experiencing in life.

Speaking the inmates, he says the inmates might be thinking it's easy for him to speak because he is free and can go home, but the motivational speaker said that "there is hope beyond what  you can see."

He goes on to claim that despite not having any arms or legs, he will never call himself disabled and that the inmates can friend freedom with Jesus Christ even if they are behind bars.

Vujicic just finished ministering in Dubai and in an interview he answered what he believes in the biggest challenge that young people face today. He claims that it's not knowing their value and purpose in life. He says the youth of today try to find their value in the wrong things and end up suffering. He reiterated that true peace and joy can only come from knowing God.

When he was born and realized he was different from the other kids in his hometown of Melbourne, the abuse, and bullying he got caused him to almost end his life. But he has since found purpose and continues to inspire people from all over the world. He established Life Without Limbs, wrote several inspirational books, and has also found love with wife Kanae Miyahara, with whom he has two children.

"I don't think I could have the hope that I have found without my faith in God. With prayer and scripture and meditation, that's how I get through my daily life, through the ups and downs," the bestselling author said on a recent speaking stint in Dubai.

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