Xbox One and Xbox One S Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals and Bundles 2016

( [email protected] ) Nov 22, 2016 12:09 PM EST
style="display: none" Get the lowdown on the latest Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday deals for the Xbox One and the Xbox One S.

We are all made differently, which is why in this world, there are some of us who prefer apples, while others like oranges. The same principle applies when it comes to console gaming -- some folks prefer Microsoft’s offerings which would be the Xbox One in its current iteration, while the others might look to the likes of the Sony PS4 or Nintendo Wii U. We shall focus on what are the latest and most current Xbox One Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so that you can maximize your hard earned money when bringing home a shiny new console that is certainly to make the holiday season all the more jovial and merry -- with the right games in tow, of course.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 can be said to be the most ideal opportunities for the year when it comes to snagging an Xbox One on the cheap. It does not matter whether you are all right with the original black colored console that is shiny and imposing in its design, or you prefer the smaller albeit more powerful Xbox One S. Regardless of your preference, neither are going to be sold that cheaply in the months ahead, unless Microsoft is going bust and they want to get rid of all of their inventory. Which ain’t gonna happen though.

With Black Friday 2016 not kicking off officially just yet (what more Cyber Monday that is the Monday following Black Friday), this has not stopped stores and retailers from putting up their advertisements, in hope that word of mouth and social sharing will be able to drive aspiring gamers to pick up one of the many Xbox One console deals available.

Xbox One S 1TB Army Green with Battlefield 1 – $299.99 (Amazon)
Xbox One S 1TB with Gears 4, Star Wars Battlefront, Selected 4K Blu-ray and 3rd Party Wireless Controller – $299.99 (Walmart)
Xbox One S 1TB Gears of War 4 Bundle – $299.99 (Dell)
Xbox One 500GB with The LEGO Movie video game – $249.00 (Microsoft)
Xbox One S 500GB Army Green with Battlefield 1 and a free game at checkout – $349.00 (Microsoft)
Xbox One S 500GB Blue console with Gears of War 4 – $299.00 (Microsoft)
Xbox One 500GB White Console with Quantum Break – $249.99 (Amazon)
Xbox One 500GB with Gears of War Ultimate and Rise of the Tomb Raider – $249.99 (Gamestop)
Xbox One 1Tb console (old style) – $224.99 (Ebay)
Xbox One S with Battlefield 1 and free game at checkout – $299.00 (Microsoft)
Xbox One S Minecraft bundle with free game at checkout – $299.00 (Microsoft)
Xbox One 500GB (Refurbished) with Halo 5 Limited Edition – $169.99 (Groupon with a 36% discount)
Xbox One S 1Tb (Army Green) with Battlefield 1 – $349.99 (Amazon, $128.89 off)
Xbox One S bundle (Minecraft or Battlefield 1) with game, 4K movie and controller – $299.00 – $388.93, depending on the retailer
Xbox One 500GB Name Your Game bundle – $279 (Amazon)

Now, which of the deliciously listed deals above caught your fancy? Surely they will be extended to Cyber Monday as well, as that normally happens when stock is still available.

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