Pokemon GO Gets Huge Changes to CP of Pokemons

( [email protected] ) Nov 23, 2016 11:54 AM EST
The latest Pokemon GO update would see changes made to the CP of close to all the Pokemons in your collection. How does that affect you and your battle strategy?
Dave Thier

Pokemon GO is a huge hit where mobile games are concerned, especially since it has been such a huge success when it comes to a mobile gaming title that incorporates Augmented Reality (AR) technology. It has gotten more people walking around, forged new friendships, and of course, split opinion right down the middle when it comes to whether the game has an evil, spiritual connotation behind it. One thing’s for sure, momentum for the Pokemon franchise has not died down at all since the game debuted a couple of decades ago. With Pokemon GO, it has gained a whole new generation of Pokemon fans, and the franchise does not seem to have lost a single bit of magic. Well, that means new updates will help keep the game afresh, through the introduction of new Pokemon to capture, not to mention alter the balance of power in certain characters. The latest Pokemon GO update certainly does this -- altering the CP of close to every single Pokemon in the game. Either the CP figure has been raised or lowered, it would certainly change the way battles are fought out in the gym.

However, no matter how many tweaks have been introduced to the CP levels of different Pokemon, everything will even out in the end. Chances are after some time, Pokemon trainers would be able to figure out the best combination available to handle different kinds of situations, just like how a general range of monsters tend to dominate most gyms at the moment.

One of the biggest differences made in the CP system would be that of Rhydon, where Rhydon has been fast tracked to be a high end monster for some. You will be able to glean more details in greater depth from this chart over at The Silph Road, where it would inform you of all the exact changes that each individual Pokemon has gone through in the latest CP purge. It is interesting to note that some monsters that currently tip the scales of balance in one direction have picked up moderate buffs, such as Dragonite and Snorlax. Mewtwo has also picked up a buff, never mind the fact that it is not in the game (for now, at least), and yet on paper, is massively overpowered, sort of like the Apocalypse equivalent in X-Men parlance.

According to Forbes, there are also different monsters that picked up larger buffs in the process of the latest Pokemon GO update, among them include Rhydon, Kingler, and Pinsir. Alakazam ain’t half bad now, being a pretty decent fighter. What do you think of Niantic’s tweaking of the CP system in Pokemon GO? Would it make the title more of a thinking game compared to the well established combat system that has been tried and tested all through the years, from the young all the way to the old being well versed with it?

Well, it would be best to give the latest update a run on your mobile device before you jump into any conclusions. Perhaps you might change your Pokemon line up or might not, who knows?

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