Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Arrives In ‘Glossy Black’: Will It Put Up A Fight Against The iPhone 7?

( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2016 11:07 AM EST
The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will soon arrive in a brand new color: glossy black. The question is, will a change in the externals result in better sales as Samsung tries to fend off the advances of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?
A leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge flagship smartphone featuring a new color. Weibo

How much influence does the color of a smartphone have when it comes to you making your purchase decision? I clearly remember how when the iPhone was released in a shade of Rose Gold, just about everyone decided to go for that color, leaving the traditional black and white colors of the iPhone lagging behind in terms of sales figures. Well, it looks like color does play a role in deciding which particular handset that one would bring home, and the same applies to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone from the South Korean conglomerate.

After all, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge devices have received a secondary lease of life, not out of its down design, but rather, out of necessity. This is because the second flagship release from Samsung for the year in the form of the Galaxy Note 7 has failed to take off in its own way, no thanks to the unprecedented number of exploding handsets that resulted in the discontinuation of the product.

Will a new color option in the older Samsung Galaxy S7 edge be able to do the trick and boost its sales figures during the upcoming frenetic and lucrative holiday season? We will only be able to adopt a wait and see attitude, but this does seem to be the modus operandi in which Samsung is approaching this holiday season. After all, the "Blue Coral" Galaxy S7 edge has been introduced not too long ago, and we would not be surprised to see it accompanied by a darker and yet more glossy number of the "Onyx Black" shade that has been around since the device’s launch.

Korea-based rumor mill The Investor was the first off the blocks to report about a Glossy Black Samsung Galaxy S7, where it was tipped to arrive some time early next month. Now that we are already in the final week of the month, December is not too far away. The release of such a color is partly attributed to the strong sales response to the Blue Coral color, where approximately 15,000 units of the new color covering the Galaxy S7 edge are sold on a daily basis in South Korea.

Well, it would not be too difficult to assume that the Jet Black iPhone 7 too, has a role in Samsung’s decision this time around. SamMobile has dug up some live photos of the Glossy Black Galaxy S7 edge that you see above, where it can be rather difficult to tell at first glance. Heck, you might have a pretty challenging time trying to figure out the difference compared to the Onyx Black variant, although some tell tale signs can be spotted from the trained eye.

They are the anodized outer trim that has a darker paint layer, with a touch of gloss. So far, Samsung has not made any official announcement about the Glossy Black Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, so kindly take what you see here with a pinch of salt until something official comes around.

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