‘Batman V Superman’ New Video Shows Different Fighting Styles Used in Movie: Karate, Boxing and More!

( [email protected] ) Nov 26, 2016 08:19 AM EST
‘Batman V Superman’ New Video Shows Different Fighting Styles Used in Movie: Karate, Boxing and More!
Batman V Superman (YouTube) Batman V Superman (YouTube)

In a new fan-made video, it was revealed that "Batman V Superman" used multiple fighting techniques. Apparently, it is more than what everyone expected.

In a video made by YouTuber Godzillarex,, took a deeper look into Batman's fighting style in the Ben Affleck movie. According to the comics, Batman should supposedly know all fighting style.

The first that was discussed was one of the foundational fighting styles, boxing. Boxing is an essential, basic arsenal for fighting. Every martial art has a certain way of teaching punching with subtle variations, but the strongest punching techniques can be found in boxing.

In the movie, Batman has shown his boxing technique multiple times. There was even one scene where he had to clock-twist his body to attack an enemy approaching him. There was also the impressive scene of when the punched a man to the ground.

Moreover, Karate was also used in the movie. From diverting punches to open-hand Karate Chop attacks, this movie has featured a wide-range of fighting choreography that sticks to tried and true fighting styles.

Batman also used Muay Thai in the movie. Muay Thai is closely focused on using elbows and the arms. This is also associated with Karate, but they had varying forms of attack styles. However, with Muay Thai, elbows and knees combo is very important. Muay Thai fits Batman very well since this style is best used for close ranged attacks. Batman has used this technique many times in the movie and his elbows were his best assets during these fighting scenes.

There are still other fighting styles discussed in the video below. All-in-all, the majority of the styles Batman used included Ninjitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Krav Maga. The outstanding choreography and stunt team for "Dawn of Justice" should be complimented because Batman had a smooth flow of using one style after the other.

Batman, also, is the type of superhero who detects his responses and moves based on the situation.

Though the film, in general, did not focus on action-based scenes, Affleck's performance is still outstanding.

Since this is one of DC's biggest silver screen move, there have been many criticisms on the film. Some argue that the quality related to the original theme of comics and DC cartoons, while others claim it was not a good movie at all.

Marvel and DC's universes continue to collide and compete as "Justice League" is set to release on Nov. 1, 2017.

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