Billy Graham Speaks Out Against Bible Code, Says God's Message Not Shrouded in Mystery

( [email protected] ) Nov 28, 2016 10:10 AM EST
Billy Graham says that when God speaks in the Bible, it is clear and plain and not shrouded in mystery.
Billy Graham says that believers should not put faith on those that say the Bible contains secret codes about the future. Reuters

Billy Graham is debunking the claims of many people that the Bile contains secret codes that can contain hidden messages regarding future events. In the question and answer portion of Billy Graham's website, a reader sent the following question:

"My friend believes that the Bible was written in some kind of a secret code and that it contains all kinds of hidden messages about the future. He even showed me a book that supposedly explains all this. Could he be right?"

Billy Graham went on to answer a resounding no. He claimed that the speculations regarding the secret codes are not true and that believers should not put any faith in them. The evidence provided in the books published about the secret code may be very convincing, but Graham went on to say that he once had a conversation with a computer expert who said that, with enough time, effort and a powerful computer, it would be easy to create secret messages on any written literature.

Graham then pointed out that when God gives messages written in the Bible, they are always clear, and there is no need for codes or hidden messages.

"When the Old Testament prophets delivered the message God had given them, their listeners understood it (even if they didn't always obey it). When Jesus preached to the thousands who thronged to hear Him, He spoke in words they could easily understand. When Paul and the other apostles wrote letters to the first Christians, they made their message as clear as possible. God told the prophet Habakkuk to "Write down the revelation and make it plain" (Habakkuk 2:2)."

Billy Graham goes on to ask the real question - If God's message has penetrated to their hearts and minds. Believers should not be misled and should read the Bible with an open heart and mind. Graham goes on to say that when those who read the Bible do so with an open heart and mind, they will see that God exists and that He loves them and sent His Son to make them part of His family.

Over the centuries some people have tried to change the Bible's clear message-a message of hope and new life through Jesus Christ. Don't be deceived, but make Him the center and foundation of your life, beginning today.

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