Kanye West Dons Blond Hair in First Public Appearance Ready to Make New Music

( [email protected] ) Dec 10, 2016 11:01 AM EST
Kanye West was spotted in a furniture exhibit at Los Angeles with a newly dyed blond hair. He was then spotted riding bicycles with friends after that along with some bodyguards. The rapper proclaimed that he wanted to perform on stage at Grammys and introduce new music.
Kanye West stirred up controversy in 2013 due to content included in his album titled ''Yeezus.'' Courtesy of Def Jam/Inez and Vinoodh

'Famous' artist Kanye West makes his first public appearance since his hospitalization at a furniture exhibit of his friend Rick Owens in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. His reality star wife, Kim Kardashian, was not spotted and he was instead attended by Owen's wife, Michele Lamy.

He had a noticeably blond hair seen in the photos taken from the exhibit where he was sitting on a chair. The photo was posted by Italian artist Giovanni Bassan and was distributed to various social media sites, according to Billboard.

West was admitted in UCLA Medical Center on November 21 because of mental breakdown. The diagnosis said that West suffered sleep deprivation and exhaustion that leads to his eight-day treatment in the hospital.

West is also reportedly coming up with new music ideas as he made a temporary music studio in his Bel-Air mansion to help him get better while producing music, according to TMZ.

The rapper claimed earlier that he will not attend next year's Grammys if Frank Ocean's albums "Blonde" and "Endless" will still not be considered for nominations because of missing the deadline. It appears that his agenda now is different as West exclaimed his desire to attend the awards show in 2017. He wants to perform on stage of the Grammys and introduce some new music.

After his public appearance in the furniture exhibit of Owens, Kanye West was then spotted riding a bicycle with his two friends. He was seen wearing a black helmet with the two friends beside him sporting the same look as the artist.

It is hard not to notice the celebrity since the bicycle riders were accompanied by a body guard who was also riding a bicycle without the black helmet. They were also accompanied by a black SUV tailing the team of riders behind. West could be amping up his personal security after his wife's thieving scare in Paris, according to Daily Mail.

Furthermore, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's divorce rumors are also slated off as not true since the couple's friend, Jonathan Cheban, recently saw them together and FacedTime with him while at the Unwrap The Holidays Event in Vandal.

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