Chinese Christian Brave North Korea to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Dec 14, 2016 12:26 PM EST

Chinese pastors are on their way to North Korea to spread Christianity. While remaining anonymous for security reasons, tThe pastors claimed that they have been through the worst of times in life and had only received salvation through God

In an interview by China Aid, one pastor stated the life he led when he was a second-in-command of a mafia gang. He recalled the time he planned to rob a bank transportation van for a year. He immediately turned down the plan when a colleague talked to his mother about God, which at the time, he was completely repelled by it. He said that he doesn't know what changed his mind back then, but now he was sure that the Holy Spirit spoke to him.

Since then, the pastor has been preaching the gospel to whomever he meets in house churches, including North Koreans who fled their country to find refuge in China.

"I feel like I have encountered some hardships, but I believe that there are people who live in worse conditions than me. In my village, there were girls who ran away from North Korea, but they came to China, and they met human traffickers, so they were sold as wives to the local villagers," the pastor said.

North Korea is known to persecute Christians as the country's leader is considered to be a god, dubbed to be the Supreme Leader. The people are not allowed to worship anyone other than the current leader Kim Jong Un and his father the "Eternal General Secretary" Kim Jong-il.

To better influence the people of North Korea, the Chinese pastors decided to extend their reach arriving in North Korean grounds. "Before, the North Koreans came to China, but now, we send Chinese people to North Korea through a Christian brother who has a registered travel agency. So, as Christians, we can travel to North Korea."

The pastors exclaimed that they have "no fears" in their quest to preach in a country where Christians are persecuted. One pastor recounted a case where a Korean-Chinese pastor was stabbed 17 times to death after residing and evangelizing in North Korea for 17 years.

"So that's why we're now building this fearless team of people who are willing to die if they have to. Because it's not about ourselves, or about them, but all that matters is God's kingdom," he said.

"Because we love them, and God loves them, and God has mercy upon them, so we are willing to dedicate ourselves to them. We hope that everybody that can contribute their efforts to this ministry. We can be united together and accomplish the purpose together."