NES Classic Edition Sold Out Everywhere: Where Do I Get One For Christmas?

( [email protected] ) Dec 23, 2016 11:24 AM EST
The NES Classic Edition has been in high demand ever since it was released, and is sold out as soon as it is restocked.
A Target spokesperson said that they will be restocking NES Classic Edition console between Tuesday and Thursday. GameStop will also be selling the console early this week on a first-come first-served basis. More than 1,000 Best Buy stores across the US are also selling limited quantities of the mini NES. Nintendo via YouTube

The NES Classic Edition is certainly a very, very unique console. For starters, it comes with 30 games pre-loaded, and there is no way that you are able to choose just the kind of games that you would be able to get inside. Whatever is on offer, is just there. Other than that, the graphics are just the same as it was all those decades ago. After all, how much can you expect from an 8-bit console? The controller’s cable is also deemed by many to be way too short for regular use, especially when you are all excited as Mario makes that final leap to the flag pole. Well, it has continued to make plenty of waves, and the NES Classic Edition remains difficult to find. In fact, it was just restocked at Best Buy on December 20th, but very shortly after doors to the store opened, many of the 1,000 or so Best Buy venues ran out of the NES Classic Edition stock. What are some of the options on your table apart from eBay, of course, that you can turn to?

It looks like your GameStop might be one of the very few chances available for you to pick up the NES Classic Edition before Christmas Day arrives. What would normally cost $60 a pop is now going for close to triple its price, if not more, on sites like eBay, and there has been limited stocks at the likes of GameStop and even Toys ‘R’ Us. GameStop has been touted to be on the receiving end of a limited quantity of NES Classic Edition consoles this week, but it is always good practice to give your local GameStop a call before you head down to their store.

So far, GameStop’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts have not mentioned anything about the NES Classic Edition being sold out just yet, so there is still a slight window of opportunity left that is open for you to snag that hugely popular console. KIRO 7 News did take the trouble to actually phone some local GameStops that are located in Western Washington, and some of the responses are as follows.

Capitol Hill: Employees are looking forward to stock arriving this Friday.
Northgate Mall: Employees are unsure of when the shipment will arrive.
Pacific Place: Received just 3 consoles, which were sold out promptly, and there is no indication that they are going to receive any more shipments between now and Christmas.
Gig Harbor: Employees claimed that a shipment will arrive before Friday, although the number remains unknown. So far, at least four people have been waiting outside the store each day in order to pick an NES Classic Edition up.

You might also want to try your luck with Amazon Prime Now, since there is an opportunity for last chance sales of the NES Classic Edition. Do take note that this particular offer would not include folks living in Seattle. Fret not though, you might miss the Christmas period, but 2017 should be better for everyone as Nintendo is going to continue rolling out more of the same console. So far, the hopes of seeing one between now and Christmas is very rare, even sites like Zoolert show that it is sold out everywhere.

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