ITV's 'Victoria' TV Drama DVD to be Released on Jan 31

( [email protected] ) Jan 13, 2017 02:33 AM EST
Popular ITV series Victoria, starring Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman, to be released for American DVD sales January 31, 2017.

On August 28, 2016, ITV, a competing channel to the increasingly popular BBC, the Victoria miniseries starring Jenna Coleman aired. Coleman, who left her recognized Doctor Who role in order to star in the period drama, endured tedious rituals in order to assume the part, including eye contacts to make her brown eyes blue as well as a corset and layers of beautifully fluffy period-accurate clothing. In fact, Damien Timmer explains how he had to painstakingly review and edit each of the eight episodes, "frame by frame, and blurring any rogue contact lens edges."

Looking at Jenna, it is little surprise as to the decision to cast her; not only has her acting in other dramas as Lydia Wickham in Death Comes to Pemberley and Clara Oswald in Doctor Who proven her talents to engage both humor and a grasp revealing a depth of acting, she is physically inclined to the part, as well. With a round, sweetness of face quite like the real monarch in her earlier days, Jenna is perfect.

The first series centralizes upon Victoria's youth, commencement to the throne, courtship and marriage, finalizing at the birth of her first child. Key historical figures to be immediately noted include Lord Melbourne and Prince Albert, the men who, at varying points and to varying lengths, rivaled for her attention. This and other situations are sure to include a passionate, but principled, display of drama sure to entertain Victoria fans.

The real-to-life Queen Victoria remains to this day England's longest-reigning monarch, and among the country's most beloved icons. The series will be released for American purchase through Amazon and elsewhere January 31, 2017. A second, reportedly modern second series will follow with a Christmas special, airing this year. The series is in direct competition to the second, highly successful series Poldark, starring Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson, and based on the book series by Winston Graham. The ultimate turnout of each will be interesting as series are either annexed or discontinued in Britain's long list of period dramas ensues. Enjoy them while they last with a cup of tea!