Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Is Sole Reason For Explosions

( [email protected] ) Jan 16, 2017 01:02 PM EST
The battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has singled out to be the only explanation and source of explosions in 2016, leading to the Galaxy Note 7's production being scuppered.
The Korea Herald has reported that Samsung is expected to announce the findings of their Galaxy Note 7 probe by the end of this year. iPhoneDigital / Flickr

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was certainly a fantastic piece of hardware, but misfortune struck when the Galaxy Note 7 started to see random explosions happening without any kind of explanation. This led to the scuppering of the device, which is a shame, really. Well, Samsung has certainly taken their time to carefully investigate the matter over the past few months, and now that we are in 2017, the South Korean company has presented their findings. Samsung Electronics America President and COO Tim Baxter apologized to everyone for the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco as he opened the company's press conference at the recently concluded CES 2017, and here’s what he had to say.

Samsung did dwell on the matter concerning the Galaxy Note 7 and would like to move forward without repeating the same mistake in the future. There is a cause for the battery in the Galaxy Note 7 overheating and subsequently, exploding. An exclusive Reuters report has the nitty gritty on why the Galaxy Note 7 exploded all too easily, and the main -- and perhaps only, culprit behind this would be the battery of the smartphone.

It seemed that Samsung manage to replicate these explosions during their investigation, which is a good thing. At least learning what went wrong and how, is a first step in not repeating the mistake. On a side note, it must have been a pretty fun job trying to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to explode through a myriad of ways in a lab -- a documentary should have been shot for that matter. Chances are a full explanation from Samsung would be revealed to all and sundry this coming January 23rd. I am quite sure that I speak on behalf of many that the world is looking forward to hear what Samsung has to say about the battery used in the Galaxy Note 7. What could have been done to prevent it, and having isolated the source and problem of overheating and exploding, we can now sleep better knowing that such a design flaw would not make its way into future Samsung smartphones.

On January 24th , Samsung would showcase their earnings results for the fourth quarter of 2016, so whatever announcements made the day before should be carefully worded so to influence the next day’s announcements in a positive manner -- as far as it is possible, that is. Word has it that Samsung also intends to reveal in detail the kind of measures that the conglomerate would take in order to ensure that nothing of the same sort will occur again in the future, especially where product safety is concerned.

So far, Reuters' source does not carry the authority required to speak out in a public manner on Samsung's investigation -- hence the anonymous designation. When approached, a Samsung spokesman had nothing to chip in or contribute to the situation.

It looks like the aggressive design of the Galaxy Note 7’s battery is the culprit to be blamed for all of the explosions in the past few months, being compressed all the time that resulted in damage to the battery's polymer layers. Under such conditions, the moment these layers come into contact with one another -- boom!

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