Latest iPhone 8 News: Release Date, Specifications, News, Rumors, All You Need To Know

( [email protected] ) Jan 19, 2017 02:00 AM EST
The iPhone 8 has been confirmed to be released this year. Just what can we expect from Apple on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone?
An impression of the upcoming iPhone 8 set for release this 2017. PC Advisor.

The iPhone 8 is set to be one of the most highly anticipated smartphone releases this year, being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone as well. The iPhone 8 has some big shoes to fill, as its rivals on the Google Android front have surpassed the iPhone in different aspects over the years, as it continues to maintain its slim lean in terms of camera performance for the moment. Will the iPhone 8 be a technological marvel that helps us fall in love with the smartphone genre all over again, or will we see partial increments and improvements in technology? Only time will tell, so let us check out what we have heard on the grapevine where the iPhone 8 is concerned to date.

There are many aspects of the iPhone 8 from where people talk about it, including its release date, pricing details, hardware specifications, as well as new features. A CEO of a charging company was apparently a little bit too excited for his own good, having issued hints that wireless charging is going to arrive built into the iPhone 8 with a maximum wireless charging range of 15 feet. Another blogger claims that the iPhone 8 will undergo a visual redesign that will “change this industry deeply.” What does he mean by that? Are we looking at a possible edge-to-edge display, or perhaps a totally new kind of display technology?

Stainless steel might be a huge feature in the iPhone 8 in terms of its manufacturing process. A 5.8-inch display is definitely not out of the picture, and there were also whispers of plastic screens as well as new sensing technologies that could see the Touch ID function on the iPhone 8 being moved to the side in order to make way for these marked improvements.

Many people are increasingly in favor of a larger sized iPhone 8, and for good reason, too. After all, Google Android-powered smartphones have definitely grown in size over the years, spearheading the phablet phenomenon. If Android can do that, imagine the same form factor but with an Apple logo slapped on it. Analysts at Credit Suisse claimed that the iPhone 8 will sport "significant innovations" including a full-glass OLED screen, new and upgraded haptic feedback features, wireless charging and many other major hardware improvements, as part of the big iPhone 10th anniversary do. This would also mean extending their lead in the camera and processor department, so hopefully Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform will have a comparable reply when the iPhone 8 is revealed.

Analyst Kulbinder Garcha is so confident about the iPhone 8’s sales performance, his crystal ball informed him that the iPhone 8 will sell a whopping 250 million handsets in fiscal 2018, as opposed to 215 million in 2017. Now these are pretty dizzy heights, even for a company of Apple’s stature.

As for the iPhone 8’s release date, Apple is getting less and less predictable. After all, the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus have been said to be launched in autumn this year, assuming Apple follows the logic of releasing an ‘s’ version of their existing handsets. If that were to be the case, then the iPhone 8 and potential iPhone 8 Plus will be revealed in September 2018. That’s pretty far off, and definitely crazy if you were to take Garcha’s sales figures into consideration.

All in all, more details ought to leak out in the months to come, and we intend to watch the iPhone 8's pre-release trails very, very closely.

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