Apple iOS 10.3.2 Seeded To Public Beta Testers

( [email protected] ) Mar 31, 2017 09:16 AM EDT
Apple has seeded iOS 10.3.2 to public beta testers for the very first time, and from what we have heard, iOS 10.3 is supposed to make your iPhone feel as though it runs faster than ever before.
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Apple has finally opened the doors of iOS 10.3.2 to its public beta testing group, where this particular update was originally revealed to developers on March 28. iOS 10.3.2 arrives hot on the heels of iOS 10.3, with the latter being a major update that delivered its fair share of features such as a spanking new Find My AirPods feature as well as Apple File System (APFS). For beta testers who are adventurous enough to have signed up for Apple's beta testing program, they would be able to pick up the iOS 10.3.2 beta update via the Over The Air (OTA) route through the installation of a proper certificate on the corresponding iOS device.

If you would like to play a role in Apple's beta testing program, you have not missed the boat just yet. In fact, you are able to sign up via the beta testing website, where this would provide users with access to not only iOS, but also macOS Sierra betas to boot. Always keep in mind that betas are not ready for commercial release at the moment, and tends to carry its fair share of bugs, so it would be best to run it on an iPhone that you are not going to use on an everyday basis. iOS 10.3.2 is said to fix SiriKit car commands, among other unreported fixes and the usual slew of performance improvements as well as security enhancements.

Do take note that Apple introduced iOS 10.3 not too long ago, and for those who are still waiting for a very good reason to update it apart from making sure that a Safari security hole is patched, it looks like you might want to make a beeline for iOS 10.3 at the very least. Those who have already made the jump might have noticed some improvements in speed, or at least, that is what is being touted at present.

Renaud Lienhart has tweeted that the main reason behind this apparent speeding up of the user experience, is attributed to the fact that iOS 10.3 has been specially tweaked to handle the animations in such a way by shortening the time required, which means that those who are sensitive to the time-space dimension would realize that the launching and closing of apps would be a wee bit faster than before. Chances are the ordinary Joe and Jane would not really be able to tell the difference.

Chances are, iOS would probably be more responsive in everyday tasks, but mileage would most probably vary depending on just how sensitive one is to such minor tweaks to the iOS platform. Apart from that, Apple has also performed a rather significant change by making the jump from the HFS+ file system to APFS. This move has apparently freed up more memory or users, so those who have not yet made the jump to iOS 10.3 might think of doing so. In other words, it would not be out of line to enjoy the iOS 10.3.2 public beta should it be made available for you to test out.

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