The Punisher Season 1 Wraps Up Its Filming

( [email protected] ) Apr 12, 2017 09:30 AM EDT
Netflix's The Punisher has completed its principal photography. The big question is, when will it be released?
"The Punisher" Coming in 2017? Netflix/Marvel

The Punisher’s first full season on Netflix is all set to happen in due time -- and hopefully, it will not bomb like Iron Fist which debuted last month. Iron Fist was one of Marvel’s first Netflix TV series that did not manage to live up to expectations, receiving far more brickbats than bouquets compared to the other forerunners such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil. With that in mind, at least Marvel has some goodwill left in their tank among viewers, and you can be sure that anticipation continues to run high where upcoming Marvel Netflix series are concerned -- including The Punisher Season One. We have now received word that the entire first season of The Punisher has completed its principal photography.

This particular bit of news concerning The Punisher Season One hails from a set of photos that have already made their way online. These photos showcased the goings-on of a Punisher wrap party which was attended by none other than Bernthal, who plays the starring role of Frank Castle, alongside Ben Barnes as well as others who are involved with the TV series.

Unfortunately, there has been no release date attached to The Punisher Season One, although fans could not be faulted for thinking that 2017 might be the calendar year where Frank Castle dukes it out with the bad guys, and then helping the Marvel TV universe to come together through a weaving of crossovers and storyline arcs. With The Defenders having completed its shooting in March last month, with a targeted release date of August 18, you can be sure that a trailer for The Defenders is going to be released perhaps as early as this coming summer.

As for The Punisher Season One on Netflix, we still have no idea on a fixed release date, but it would not be too far fetched to believe that it might actually roll out some time later this year as well. As to whether it will be before The Defenders or after it, logic dictates that it would be the latter. After all, principal photography for The Defenders have already wrapped up, which means that there is more time for the team to work in polishing up the final details of the series before moving on to The Punisher.

Over on, however, it seems that The Punisher Season One has been slated for a November 14 debut, which would be a Tuesday. Popularity for this series has also continued to climb in recent months, which is no surprise at all. All that we fans can do now is keep our fingers crossed that the final product will not disappoint as much as Iron Fist, otherwise the trust factor with Marvel’s TV universe on Netflix is going to continue to plummet -- and this would not bode well with upcoming seasons of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.

What do you think? Will The Punisher Season One actually make it big, or will it be a flop? There is plenty of promise in the series, especially when one explores such a tortured soul like Frank Castle.

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