Want A Free Nintendo Switch? Drop By A McDonald’s Restaurant Near You

( [email protected] ) Apr 28, 2017 09:00 AM EDT
The Nintendo Switch is not the easiest console to find at the moment, so why not try your luck at a local McDonald’s?
Here's your chance to pick up a free Nintendo Switch from McDonald's! Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch can be said to be as elusive as some of the other Pokemon that you have been looking for on Pokemon GO. For those who have been combing through the phone directory for all of the Best Buy retail stores which are nearest to your home, clutching on to desperate hope that any one of these carry some stock of the Nintendo Switch console, here is a less heartbreaking manner to do so. Why not drop by your local McDonald’s? It seems that this fast food chain intends to give away up to 100 of the Nintendo Switch consoles through the month of May. Good times, great taste, eh?

Gamespot claims that everyone can be in the running to pick up one of these Nintendo Switches -- and for free, too! The Nintendo Switch console that McDonald’s offers will not be any ordinary version, but rather, they will arrive with the Mario Kart 8 game that will certainly set off sparks of frenzy. After all, each Mario Kart title has to date being a phenomenal success, and there is just something about Nintendo’s magical touch in a kart racing game that makes it all the more unique. In order to “qualify”, all that you need to do is to drop by the nearest McDonald’s store near you and purchase something -- anything off from the menu between now and May 22. Once you have done that, register the purchase using the McDonald's mobile app. For those who are really down and out on their luck, fret not. You do not even need to purchase anything in the first place, actually. All that you need to do is send an email to [email protected] once per day and boom! You will be able to receive free entries, now how about that? There might not be any free lunch in this world, but a free Nintendo Switch? McDonald’s has made it possible to get 100 of these without having to fork out a single cent!

There is a downside to all of this, of course. If you were to pass your email address to McDonald’s, be prepared for your inbox to begin receiving spam in due time. Sure, there might be a small checkbox which you would tick and some fine print that you would have scrolled through but never have read, but rest assured, spammers are somehow going to get hold of your inbox in double quick time. Ah well, the things that you would do for a free Nintendo Switch! The $300 console has proved itself elusive to many a gamer, and this time it might be your turn to ride your luck!

This latest promotion from McDonald’s will jive with the roll out of eight new Super Mario Bros.-themed toys which are made available in conjunction with Happy Meals. Those who absolutely love to read all of the fine print will be able to check out the official giveaway rules over here, just to see if you have the smarts to “game” the system.

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