Is God Real? How Can I Prove God Exists?

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How can we prove God exists?
Get alone and allow God to fill in the shattered places, suggest inspirational speaker Micah Maddox, during those times when life feels out of control.

You can't prove the existence of God. It's all a matter of faith, right? We just blindly believe, despite the lack of scientific evidence. 

If you believe that, let me tell you about Adam. Not THE Adam, but an Adam I met at a local college. Adam was an atheist, but he wasn't the normal hard-nosed adamant atheist. His nose was soft, and his eyes and ears were open to reason. 

I was at the college to make a short promotional clip for one of my publishers about a book called, Made in Heaven

It was because Adam was so congenial that I asked him to sit down, and then (with my camera rolling) I placed the book on his lap. I asked him if he thought it could have made itself. 

Could ink have fallen from the sky and formed itself into color photos, coherent sentences with periods and commas and capitals? Could more ink have fallen onto the pages and formed itself into sequential numbers for the page numbers? 

He said it was impossible. It couldn't happen. 

I then talked about how DNA is called a "book" by scientists, and how it's full of coherent information (actual programming) on how to make eyes that can see, ears that can hear, a nose than can smell, hair, skin, blood, bones, a heart, and even a personality.

I reminded him that the book of his DNA contained everything about him from the moment he was born. And it wasn't just information about him. Every living thing on earth has DNA programing-from animals, to fish, birds, trees, dogs, cats, horses, cows, lions, and tigers. 

When I asked him for his thoughts on the intelligence of someone who could believe that a book could make itself, we agreed that such a person would be stupid or insane. 

Then I asked for the mental capacity of someone who believed that the book of DNA made itself (an atheist). 

Adam was speechless. He suddenly saw the insane stupidity of atheism. 

I was so amazed at what I had just got on film that I decided to take my camera to universities and take atheists through the same scenario. They had the same reaction! Atheists changed their minds about the existence of God, and that then allowed me to take them through the gospel! 

We ended up creating a one-hour movie called The Atheist Delusion, where you can watch atheists suddenly becoming believers in the existence of God in a matter of minutes. If you care about the lost, it will bring tears to your eyes.

We live in an age when millions of young people are believing the lie that there's no evidence for the existence of God. They are embracing atheism because it opens a wide door to all sorts of delirious pleasures-such as guilt-free pornography, fornication, homosexuality, and adultery. If there is no God, there is no right or wrong. Anything goes, and that's good news on steroids for sin-loving sinners. 

This wouldn't be a big deal, if Hell didn't exist. But it does, and that fact should horrify us as Christians. 

 Here's a trivia question for you. How many people die each day? Have a guess. 

About one hundred die every minute. Every hour, six thousand human beings are pulled into the horror of death. Every day, 150,000 die, and every year a massive 54 million people just like you and me are swallowed by what the Bible calls "The King of Terrors." 

If you are saved, you have a moral obligation to reach out to them with the good news that "Jesus Christ has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel" (1 Timothy 1:10 NKJV). The Atheist Delusion is an exciting, free, award-wining movie that has the power to reach millions with the gospel and, by the grace of God, see them saved from a very real Hell. 

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RAY COMFORT is the founder of Living Waters ministry and the best-selling author of more than eighty books. He also co-hosts a TV program with actor Kirk Cameron, which airs in 200 countries.

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