Pit Bull Mauls Infant in Fatal Episode; Parents Mourn Their 'Little Angel'

( [email protected] ) May 12, 2017 02:37 PM EDT
"Rest in Jesus little Angel."

A nine-year old pit bull mauled a six-month baby girl, Kamiko Dao Tsuda-Saelee, to death in Las Vegas this past Monday. The pit bull was the family's long-time pet so, when it was found inflicting fatal wounds to the infant, the effect was horrifically shocking. As attack-dogs are barred from adoption, the animal was promptly euthanized two days later. 

Kamiko's parents, originally from Hawaii, are distraught, to say the least. The dog had never reacted in such a way, and the mother, Layla Tsuda, had simply left her daughter playing unattended in her walker for a brief restroom break. By the time Layla returned to the scene, however, the pit bull had already wreaked irrevocable damage. While Mrs. Tsuda intervened and managed to win her daughter back from the animal, Kamiko was already unconscious, and died minutes later after an ambulance transported her to the hospital.

“I have no words to explain my pain," the pitiable mother responded, with heartbreaking woe and a despair which words cannot sufficiently describe.

To aid with funeral expenses, Ryan Tsuda, Layla's husband, has established a GoFundMe page, dedicated to their "little angel:"

"Please help support our family in this tragic, heartbreaking time that we are going through. As of yesterday 05/08/2017 we lost our beautiful 6 month old baby girl. She was a happy, and loving daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter niece & cousin. We just want to thank u in advance for any help & support Aloha & mahalo."

John Komanu, a relative and concerned onlooker, posted on Facebook following the episode:

"When one of us hurt, we ALL hurt and tonight we hurt for one of my brothers...I'm asking my family and friends here on FB to say a prayer for my brother Ryan Tsuda and his Ohana as they deal with the loss of their precious baby Kamiko. It's never easy losing a loved one especially a child. Even though I haven't met you baby Kamiko, the loss of you is felt all the way here in Hawaii.
Rest in Jesus little Angel."

No charges have been made against anyone involved; the local police are simply calling the occurrence a "tragic accident." Mark Gibson, a professional dog trainer, described the pit bull's behavior as "non-malicious,"  quite and characteristic of pack dogs. When such animals find themselves the only dogs in the proximity, he points out, they feel a natural instinctive to prove their dominance. Moreover, they can become jealous of infants living in the home.

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