Nintendo E3 2017: Everything You Need To Know

( [email protected] ) May 12, 2017 11:36 PM EDT
All that you would like to know happen with Nintendo when E3 2017 kicks off later this year.
Ticket sales to the public will kick off this February 13 for the June event. Expect all 15,000 tickets to be snapped up quickly. Wikipedia Commons

E3, which is short for Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the mecca for video game events every single year, where hardware manufacturers as well as video game developers alike would swoop down and make their presence felt in a show of strength and power in the industry. Nintendo is a major player who would like to continue the momentum that they have built up with the recent success of the Nintendo Switch console, so what can the masses expect from Nintendo at E3 2017? One thing is for sure though: Nintendo rarely does their business in the same way that other major triple A videogame publisher goes about pitches new titles and pushing new hardware.

In fact, Nintendo could be said to be rather over the top in the past, having hired orchestras as they did in 2011 by celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda (all right, we will let that slide because of two things: it is Zelda that we’re talking about here, and a 25th anniversary of anything good is worth celebrating), or having comedians pitch their games. This time around, it looks like Nintendo is cutting down on all of the fireworks and razzmatazz, and will instead focus on something on a far smaller scale in order to indicate just what they are working on at the moment. While that will certainly not draw too many headlines in the process, at least true video gamers would feel as though the entire process or presentation is a whole lot more genuine. What does Nintendo has in store for E3 2017? Let us take a closer look at the very real possibilities as we move closer to the June date.

Nintendo focuses on new game releases at E3 2017
Games are the bread and butter for any video game publisher, and so it is no surprise to see that Nintendo is placing plenty of focus on games this time around. After all, their Nintendo 3DS platform continues to do well, with the recently unveiled Nintendo 2DS XL, in addition to the high flying Nintendo Switch, while catering to current Nintendo Wii U owners, there are just plenty of opportunities that are too good to pass up when it comes to rolling out new titles. It does seem as though Super Mario Odyssey will be the main star of the show as it will be playable on the showfloor by then, in addition to more details surrounding Splatoon 2 which will be revealed. However, if anyone would like to see Samus Aran debut on the latest Nintendo console, do continue to remain patient since that is not about to happen anytime soon.

Nintendo Spotlight is happening this June 13th 2017 (1700 BST), while Nintendo Treehouse will also kick off on the same day itself, right after Spotlight concludes. At the Nintendo Treehouse, visitors (yes, E3 is now open to the public!) will be able to offer a closer look at the games that Nintendo have in-store. You should be able to come across a slew of Switch as well as Nintendo DS titles, while engaging in interesting conversations with developers and other Treehouse members. Apart from that, there will also be Live Tournaments held from June 13 to June 15, including competitions between ARMS and Splatoon 2 players. Do take note that ARMS is not out at the moment, so it would certainly be a case of who is able to adapt to the game as quickly as possible by the time E3 happens. I am sure that many of us are already excited with what Nintendo has in store for E3 2017, so stay tuned on YouTube, Twitter and Twitch!

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