Duck Dynasty Family Suffers Tragic Loss, Family Member Succumbs to Cancer

May 14, 2017 04:48 PM EDT

Duck Dynasty family just faced a tough time that tested their strength as one, the death of a family member. On Monday Chris Howard, Korie Robertson's mother posted an announcement about the passing away of Glenn Durham, her cousin.

"This past week one of my cousins lost his battle with cancer and gained his heavenly reward," she stated on her Instagram account, according to I Have the Truth.

Glenn suffered some time battling against his illness until he finally succumbed to cancer. He spent the last hours of his life listening to the word of God through his computer. His sister even told Chrys that Glenn signaled for a pen before his last breath, as though he was taking down notes while listening with his eyes closed.

The tragic death brought the whole family into mourning as the Robertsons are known by Duck Dynasty viewers as a large close-knit family. Missy, a family member even said on her blog that out of the eight houses on their street, they occupy four which they call "Robertson Row," a cul-de-sac.

John and Chrys Howard made several Duck Dynasty appearances. They are parents to Korie Robertson who happens to be the wife of Willie Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of the Duck Commander.

The Duck Dynasty family is also known as devout Christians. They have a testimony of drawing closely together in support when the need arises.

Glenn being a member of the family was a concrete example of what a devout Christian is. He spent his life looking for chances to share the word of God, preaching the gospel whenever there is an opportunity.

Chrys added on her post that Glenn is a precious example for everyone. She said that up to her cousin's last breath, he tried to learn more about God and to share his knowledge with others.

"Thank you, Glenn Durham, for fearlessly doing that your whole life," Chrys ended her Instagram post, as Mr. Conservative reported.