Kirk Cameron Reveals Topic of 'Revive Us' 2, Reveals Why He Was 'Encouraged' by Election (Exclusive)

( [email protected] ) May 16, 2017 12:50 PM EDT
In an exclusive interview with The Gospel Herald, Kirk Cameron opened up about the second installment of "Revive Us" and shared why he was so encouraged by last years' election.
“Revive Us”, coming to home video on May 16, showcases Cameron leading an evening of hope, vision and courage for Americans discouraged at the nation’s moral decay.
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"Growing Pains" star Kirk Cameron believes America needs revival. He's so passionate about this belief, in fact, he called a National Family Meeting to talk and pray about it.

"Revive Us", coming to home video on May 16, showcases Cameron leading an evening of hope, vision and courage for Americans discouraged at the nation's moral decay. The event, which took place in October -- just before the U.S. presidential election -- united some of Cameron's most influential and insightful friends and leaders, including Ben Carson, Francis Chan, and Dr. James MacDonald, to discuss the solution to our country's cultural problems.

"Last year, running up presidential election, I was traveling all across country, and I was hearing parents saying they were concerned about their children; that our country was off track; that we were in last days of America as a godly nation," the "Fireproof" actor told The Gospel Herald of why he decided to call a "National Family Meeting".

"So, we rolled up our sleeves and we worshiped together and learned how to bring revival to the heart of the nation," he said. "This is what we need to do now more than ever, and it resulted in people being encouraged and inspired and blown away by this spirit of optimism and hope. When the family of faith comes together and the spirit of God is moving, there's nothing we can't do. We're unstoppable."

The program, which originated in Chicago and was simulcast to over 700 theaters across the country, attracted tens of thousands of Christians who came together in unity to pray for America to be a nation of faith again.

Cameron said he was "so encouraged" following the event, because three weeks later, the presidential election saw the largest turnout of evangelicals and pro-life Catholic Christians in history.

"Christian were saying, 'I care about the culture and the future of my children, so I must be salt and light and not hide under a basket, but let it shine in practical, tangible ways like voting for our leaders,'" he said. "People did that in record numbers this year, and that's the kind of engagement that can make a difference."

"Revive Us" also features music from top Christian worship group Vertical Church Band, along with contemporary Christian artists Lauren Daigle, Phil Wickham, Joy Enriquez and a trio consisting of Jamie Grace, Abbie Ward and Kirk's daughter Isabella Cameron.

Cameron revealed to GH second installment of "Revive Us" will be held later this year and will focus on another important topic -- "Finding Unity in a Divided World."

"It's never been the majority of people who bring about renewal and revival; it's always been a small band of people who against all odds believed God, picked up His word, and put their faith into action," Cameron told GH, using the Pilgrims as an example. "They didn't come with an army, they came with their families and the word of God. It was a small band of faithful, committed people who wanted to love God and others. They sacrificed to see that dream become a reality and inspired other people to join them. Even the smallest group can make a difference."

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