Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Mourns Loss of Pastor Father: 'He Went to Heaven to be With Almighty God'

( [email protected] ) May 16, 2017 02:37 PM EDT
Nick Vujicic, New York Times best-selling author and international evangelist, has revealed that his father, Pastor Boris Vujicic, "went to Heaven to be with our Almighty God today."
Nick and Boris Vujicic pictured with their wives. Boris passed away on Mother's Day 2017. TBN

Nick Vujicic, New York Times best-selling author and international evangelist, has revealed that his father, Pastor Boris Vujicic, "went to Heaven to be with our Almighty God today."

Nick Vujicic, who was born without any limbs, shared the heartbreaking news on Twitter: "Thank you all for your love, prayers and support," he tweeted on Mother's Day. "Boris Vujicic went to Heaven to be with our Almighty God today. We love you all. -Nick."

On Facebook, Nick wrote: "To all who have been graciously holding Dad and our family before the Lord Jesus in prayer, thank you all from our family's hearts for your love, prayers and support."

According to a press release sent to The Gospel Herald, born in Yugoslavia, Boris immigrated with his family to Australia where he and his wife started two churches and helped in the missions and ministry of several more churches in other countries. Before his death, he served as Chief Systems and Financial Officer for Attitide is Altitude, Inc., the organization established by his son.

Boris authored Raising the Perfectly Imperfect Child: Facing Challenges with Strength, Courage, and Hope, in which he "shared the remarkable journey of how he and his wife, Dushka, overcame their grief, fears and badly shaken faith to raise an accomplished, faith-filled and perfectly imperfect son."

In a brief interview conducted ahead of the release of his book, Boris told Nick, now a father of two, he was so proud "that you have become a leader in some aspects, an internationally influential person; that God has turned your disability to be used as a powerful force to motivate not only those with disabilities, but also the world all over."

He expressed how joyful the family was when Nick married his wife, Kanae, back in 2012, something which Boris admitted he did not think was possible when Nick was born.

He called the wedding ceremony a "very emotional time for all of us as a family," and added that the "crowning of it all was when Kiyoshi was born," referring to Nick and Kanae's first of two children.

In the interview, Boris explained he wrote Raising the Perfectly Imperfect Child in order to encourage readers to remember that any struggles or pain they are going through is only temporary: "We can grow, develop, persevere, and overcome amazing obstacles in our lives," he said.

Nick was born with no limbs except a small "foot" that helps him stay balanced. As a boy, he mastered life's daily work and went on to show that he can do everything that others can do-including writing, typing, and even playing the drums and surfing. By the age of 17, he had started a non-profit through his church to help other people. 

In the past, Nick has revealed his parents never wanted him to be treated differently or "play victim" and encouraged him to get involved in a variety of activities. 

"It was so hard for them," Nick once said of his parents, "but right from the start they did their best to make me independent."

Nick, now a world-renowned inspirational speaker and author, has also credited his parents for raising him to be strong and fearless: "I decided to use my life to encourage other people...I decided to be thankful for what I do have, not get angry about what I don't. I looked at myself in the mirror and said: 'You know what? The world is right - I have no arms or legs. But they'll never take away the beauty of my eyes.' I wanted to concentrate on something good that I had." 

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