Anne Graham-Lotz: The One Thing Parents Should Do to Keep Children 'Safe' Amid Ongoing Terrorist Attacks

( [email protected] ) Jun 06, 2017 01:46 PM EDT
June 6, 2017: Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, has shared the one thing parents should do to truly keep their kids "safe"
Anne Graham Lotz is the second daughter of evangelist Billy Graham and his wife Ruth Graham. She founded AnGeL Ministries, and is the author of 11 books. Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Graham-Lotz has said that in order to truly to keep children "safe", it's important for parents to teach them the truth - the truth of a dangerous world and a loving God.

"While we can be extremely vigilant-while we can watch and pray- we have no guarantee that our children or our grandchildren will escape violence and disaster," Billy Graham's daughter wrote in a recent blog post. "But there is one thing we can do that I have not heard the national pundits discuss.  We can make sure our children will be safe in eternity-safe inside the 200 foot walls that encircle our Father's House. Safe forever."

How, exactly, can one do this? Graham-Lotz advises teaching children and grandchildren "the truth".

"And the truth is that we live in a very wicked and dangerous world," she said. "But God knows this.  And God who loves our children sent His own Son to save them.  If they would put their trust in God's Son, Jesus Christ, asking Him to forgive their sins and come into their hearts, they would become His own children.  He would be their Father."

She added that it's important to explain that as children of God, we have certain privileges, including "His own dear presence to walk with them through life."

"They will have access to Him 24/7 through prayer," the founder of AnGel Ministries said. "And whenever the time comes for them to step into eternity, they will be ushered into the heavenly Home that He is already preparing for them. And inside that Home, they will be absolutely, completely, permanently safe."

Graham Lotz's comments come less than a month after a suicide bomber targeted an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 and injuring over 100 - many of them under 16 years old. The Islamic State terrorist group later claimed responsibility for the attack.

"The evil viciousness that plotted and carried out such an attack is incomprehensible to our western minds," said the evangelist.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has also compiled a list of tips when it comes to speaking to children about terrorism and war that include: Listen to them, answer their questions, provide support, and maintain a predictable schedule.

"If parents don't talk to their kids about this, other kids will," said Dr. Matthew Lorber, a child and adolescent psychiatrist with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. "They're going to be getting the gory details, no matter what. It's important that parents give the details to their children because they can deliver it in the most subtle, tactful way."

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