Power of the Holy Spirit being revealed in Nigeria

( [email protected] ) Mar 13, 2004 02:54 PM EST

Nigeria – Native missionaries in Nigeria have been actively demonstrating that the Holy Spirit of God is more powerful than the spirits in which the local animists believe.

In Africa, many of the locals are animists, which means they worship spirits. They believe spirits live in animals, trees, rocks, buildings, and other places. Some animist leaders are known as Juju’s, magicians who are able to demonstrate supernatural powers attributed to evil spirits. But as the works of the Holy Spirit spread throughout Nigeria and Africa, more and more animists are leaving their former ways and following the Truth. Christian Aid, a missionary agency that supports and promotes indigenous mission groups reported that one town of about 3,000 souls recently saw several Juju priests openly denounce their spirits and embrace Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Their central hall, formerly used for Juju worship, has been dedicated to Christ and now serves as a church building. Some 625 community residents joined in praise and worship there recently.

Meanwhile, local Nigerian missionaries have been asked to set up a living church in the community and 16 workers are now engaged in daily evangelization. They move from house to house, counseling residents and answering their questions, teaching scripture, and leading individuals and entire families to God. House-care fellowships are being formed and a town, which was formerly known for its pagan practices, is now an outpost of Christ's kingdom.

Christian Aid continues to ask for the prayers and support of the Christian community as the mission groups in Nigeria continue revealing the power of the Holy Spirit.

[source: Christian Aid]