Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Ciara 'Praying' for 'Sweet Angel' Fan Battling Brain Cancer

Aug 10, 2017 10:34 AM EDT

Seattle Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson and hip-hop singer Ciara have said they are praying for a young fan, named Chloe, who is battling brain cancer.

This week, both Wilson and Ciara took to social media to share a photo from their visit with the little girl at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Ciara captioned the photo: "This sweet angel Chloe is suffering from Brain Cancer... To see her and her family smile, brought the greatest joy to our hearts. She Is In Our Prayers. Together we are @StrongAgainstCancer@WhyNotYouFDN #MakeAWish."

"Chloe is super strong! Battling Brain Cancer @SeattleChildrensbut she is in @Ciara & I's prayers! Love you dear! @WhyNotYouFDN & @StrongAgainstCancer trying to #MakeAWish come true!" Wilson captioned the photo.

On Facebook, hundreds commented words of encouragement and offered up prayers for the little girl.

"Thank you Russell. Little Chloe is fighting the battle of her life. Thank you so much for taking time for her. You set the bar high for other professional athletes to be role models. Good for you!" wrote one commenter.

"Dear Jesus please remember all these kids in this hospitals and other facilities around the world. Lord I know you are able. I pray for healing! In Jesus Name!" wrote another.

The Seattle Children's Hospital blog notes that Wilson visits the hospital every Tuesday while Ciara's presence was a special treat.

The outspoken Christian athlete, whose father died in 2010 at age 55 after a long battle with diabetes and whose mother worked as an E.R. nurse, previously said he understands "what it means for family members, loved ones to be in hospitals."

"I think ultimately God's given me a great opportunity to give back," he said. "To share moments with people, and the idea that everything's not perfect in life but if we can find a way to share love and to give back and to hopefully give a smile to somebody, that's the hope. Every time I walk into the room I'm praying for a miracle. Whenever you see a young kid who's eight years old, 10 years old, six years old, maybe a newborn, it's never a good sight, but ultimately you hope and believe that that person will be able to overcome the situation and hopefully that you'll be able to encourage the family members too as well."

In November, the NFL star and Ciara, who married in July 2016 and welcomed their first child together on April 28, brought "two larger-than-life gift boxes filled with toys, Amazon devices and gift cards" for the patients.

Last year, Wilson donated $1 million to the hospital to be used for kids' immunotherapy treatments, which he says has a 93 percent success rate.

"We were able donate over $1 million, which really gives me the chills, because that's what life's really all about - us being able to give back and donate," Wilson said, speaking about the $1,060,005 raised for the Seattle Children's Hospital Strong Against Cancer initiative

"God has given me a great opportunity to play the great game of football," he continued, "but also he has given us all a great opportunity to share and give back. I think about my kids one day, I think about other people's kids, and I don't want it to be my kids, I don't want it to be yours. So ultimately, it's an opportunity to really save kids' lives, and it's really working, that's the coolest part."