Natalie Grant Says Surgery to Remove Cancer Risk Did Not Damage Vocal Cords: 'God is Faithful!'

( [email protected] ) Oct 16, 2017 09:32 AM EDT
CCM artist Natalie Grant has revealed there was "no damage done" to her vocal cords after undergoing thyroid surgery to remove tumors and praised God for the positive news.
Natalie Grant is praising God after revealing the surgery she underwent to remove cancer risk did not damage her vocal chords. Facebook

CCM artist Natalie Grant has revealed there was "no damage done" to her vocal chords after undergoing thyroid surgery to remove tumors and praised God for the positive news.

On Saturday, less than a week after undergoing surgery, the "King of the World" singer shared an update with her fans.

"Quick update since I know I haven't posted in a bit! I'm feeling much stronger today. The first couple of days following surgery were pretty rough, mostly due to the intubation tube," she wrote.

"I know many of you are asking about my voice," she continued. "I won't post it here for those who are squeamish haha, but my surgeon filmed a bit of my surgery, showing him stimulating my vocal chords and the nerve that controls the upper range of my voice. I can tell you that all is as it should be, and there was no damage done to my vocal chords!"

Grant said that God is faithful, and her surgeon is the "best of the best" -- in fact, he played her music in the operating room during the surgery.

"We had numerous confirmations about my doctor before my surgery, but I know that God absolutely led us to Dr. James Netterville," she said. "He's an authority in head and neck cancers, but also understands the intricacies of the voice. His skilled hands were the perfect ones to do this surgery. On top of it all, he loves Jesus, and that just added a beautiful layer of peace, knowing my surgeon was trusting the Great Physician to guide and direct him."

Grant said it will take a few weeks of vocal rehabilitation before she knows how long it will be until she's back to full strength.

"Well, one step at a time," she said. "It'll be a minute before I belt out How Great Thou Art again. But Jesus protected my voice during surgery, and I know He'll restore it to full strength...We will share pathology news early next week."

As of Monday morning, the post has over 45,000 "likes" and thousands of comments.

Wrote one commenter: "Trusting and believing for NO cancer. Cancer is a lie! I had thyroid cancer and surgery but our Father protected my vocal cords! He is so faithful! I continue to worship in song every single day!"

"I've been praying for you, Natalie. I am a thyroid cancer survivor- it will be 21 years this December. God is good! Continuing to lift you up as you recover," wrote another.

Last month, Grant announced that doctors discovered "two of the tumors on the right side of my thyroid decided to not stay unconcerning" and said there was a slight chance the surgery could affect her ability to sing.

But while  she told her three daughters she was "nervous" to undergo surgery, the singer emphasized she was "not full of fear."

"I'm human, but I'm not afraid because my God has already gone before me and has already made a way," she said. "So, I am not afraid and I am full of peace, and so much of that is because of all of you. I love you guys I will keep you posted...I am so thankful to be in the family of God with you."

Grant's "Celebrate Christmas" tour with Danny Gokey is still planned to launch on Nov. 30

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