5,000 People Seek Revival at Taiwan 'Fire Conference' Pastor Chang, Zhen Wa: Visions Encourage Faith

( [email protected] ) Apr 24, 2018 10:30 AM EDT
5,000 Christians attended the Fire Conference in Taiwan. Pastor Chang, Zhen Wa says that God uses vision to encourage people's faith in desperation. He mentions that God does not give people strategies or methods but He gives them visions to bring revival.
5,000 People at "Fire Conference" 2018 "Fire Conference" Facebook Page

The "Fire Conference" 2018, sponsored by Chinese Evangelical Covenant Church, started at 9am on April 4th at Taipei Heping Basketball Gymnasium. The conference lasted four days and approximately 5,000 Christians from around the world participated, received fire from the Holy Spirit, prayed and experienced revival together, Christian Daily reports.

In his message, Pastor Chang, Zhen Wa, senior pastor of Change Life Church, said that people's faith is encouraged by visions when they are in desperation. He explained this by using Ezekiel 37, where Ezekiel and the Israelites were in a time of slavery and desperation. God called Ezekiel to rise up and serve the people. God did not reason with Ezekiel, but showed him a vision. Ezekiel saw the Spirit of God breathe on dry bones and flesh started growing on them. At last, the wind of the Holy Spirit came from all directions and the dry bones turned into God's army.

Pastor Chang contended that when God has a great plan, He does not tell people His strategies beforehand, instead, he gives them a vision. Vision is the first step of how God works. He uses visions to encourage the faith that was dead.

The pastor added that when Abraham was 99 years old, it was impossible for him to have children in human eyes. Abraham was in desperation. He had no descendent to inherit his properties. However, when God brought him out of the tent, He did not tell Abraham about His plans. Instead, God told him to look at the stars in the sky, which is a scene that ignited Abraham's faith.

Pastor Chang used Moses as an example. Although Moses went from full of ambitions to herding sheep, God did not forget about him. Moses lost his goal and value in life, but because of the burning bush encounter, he sought after God's heart again.

Pastor Chang pointed out that God also used visions in the New Testament. God changed Paul's life through visions. Therefore, no matter how many persecutions and difficult times Paul experienced later in life, he never betrayed the visions from heaven.

Pastor Chang said, "If you focus on the structures, methods and strategies that we have, you will find out one thing: we do not have enough resources. When you turn to God's vision, you will see God's calling and strength for you."

He reiterates that when God revives a church or changes a person, He does not give the people strategies or methods. He gives us visions. 

(Source: Gospel Herald)

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