Court hearing for GFA Missionary dismissed

( [email protected] ) Mar 18, 2004 03:32 PM EST

It was reported this morning that the court case for Manja Tamang, a native Nepali missionary with Gospel for Asia (GFA) who was imprisoned more than three years ago, was dismissed and could possibly be reheard. The case hearing had been scheduled for March 18.

More than three years ago, Manja was arrested on false murder charges and sentenced to 20 years in prison, leaving his wife and two children alone. An appeal in the case was filed with the Supreme Court of Nepal in August 2002, leading to his first scheduled hearing before the Supreme Court in Kathmandu in November. However, the hearing was postponed and rescheduled several times before the case was actually heard in June 2003. As the result of the indecision of the judges to settle on one verdict, the hearing has continued to linger. Gospel for Asia reported that it often takes many hearings and cancellations before a case is fully decided. GFA continues to ask all Christians to continue in their prayers for quick release of Manja.