Christian Resources International building pastoral libraries

( [email protected] ) Apr 01, 2004 03:28 PM EST

A great number of mission organizations and churches have been requesting for libraries for pastors of second and third world nations. To meet the needs of these nations, one ministry has begun to put together sets of language specific libraries.

Christian Resources International (CRI), a ministry that distributes free Christian literature to spiritually needy people has the goal of establishing libraries for pastors in second and third world nations. “Right now, we have [the libraries] in English and Spanish. We’re also focusing hopefully, in the near future on French, Arabic, and Russian.” Each library has commentaries, concordances, Bible dictionaries, different versions of the Bible. CRI’s Bryon Morgan says that each library offers “basically anything a pastor would need to spiritually feed his flock.”

The number of requests for the libraries have been very high, and so currently CRI lacks the necessary funds to fulfill all the requests. “We’re asking churches if they would be willing to sponsor one of these libraries at $100 each for a pastor overseas,” says Morgan. Morgan hopes to see 10,000 get involved in the project. “If they each sponsored one library for a pastor overseas, the effect would be incredible.”

Currently, many pastors in second and third world nations are not able to get the training they need. Establishing libraries for pastors in these nations would prove to produce very positive effects. “We’re having AWANA groups, and VBS groups each sponsor these pastoral libraries,” Morgan says. Also participating are small groups and some Bible study groups.

For anyone who wishes to get involved with the project, CRI can be contacted over the phone at (517) 223-3193.