Harvest and BGEA to team up in Summer Evangelism Effort

( [email protected] ) Apr 27, 2004 06:05 PM EDT

To celebrate it’s 15th year, Harvest with Greg Laurie will team up with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) to host a Harvest Anaheim Outreach at Angel Stadium on July 10. The Harvest Anaheim Outreach will serve as a launch event for the Greater Los Angles Billy Graham Crusade scheduled to take place at the Pasadema Rose Bowl from July 28 to August 1.

Having drawn hundreds of thousands of Southern California residents to contemporary evangelistic Harvest crusades since 1990, and more than 3 million people in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, Harvest will be combining “best of” elements from previous Harvest Crusade programs for the Harvest Anaheim Outreach. The outreach event will present a straightforward Gospel message in a culturally relevant format, drawing on the latest in current events, contemporary Christian music, and Extreme sports. It will feature a daytime festival geared toward youth called Summerfest, as well as an evening program entitled “A Night of Worship.” The Summerfest will also feature Motocross exhibits and youth-oriented bands including Tait, Skillet, and The Elms.

During “A Night of Worship”, BGEA President Franklin Graham, BGEA Music and Program Director Cliff Barrows and long-time Billy Graham Crusde worship leader George Beverly Shea will join Harvest founder Greg Laurie as he presents a message of a life-changing message of God’s love and encourages participants to “invite a friend to Pasadena.”

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 15 years of Harvest Crusade events in Southern California than lending support to the man who defined the term ‘crusade evangelism’,” said Laurie. “Billy Graham’s visit to the Los Angeles area is historic, and we will be thrilled if the Harvest Anaheim Outreach encourages Christians to invite their non-believing friends to the Billy Graham Crusade just a few weeks later to hear the life-changing message of the Gospel.”

All Harvest Anaheim Outreach events will be held inside Angel Stadium and are free of charge. The outreach will be broadcasted live of the internet at www.harvest.org.