Bible League dedicates new Hausa Bible in Nigeria

( [email protected] ) May 06, 2004 08:59 AM EDT

The Bible League recently announced publication of the New Hausa Standard Version Bible at a dedication ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria. The new Bible is a revised edition of the 1932 Union version, the only complete Hausa Bible translation available in the native language of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest people group.

“It was revised to use the contemporary Hausa idiom and make it more understandable, especially for young people,” the director said. “Churches and missionaries agree that there is a great openness among many Hausa youth.”

Hausa is spoken by more than 22 million in Africa. More than 18 million speakers live in northern Nigeria, with others living in Niger, Sudan and Cameroon. Due to the language’s dynamic nature—it changes and evolves over time— some of the Hausa used in 1932 is now archaic, making a new version necessary, said the Bible League’s Executive Director for Africa Ministry.

“Our purpose is to make this Scripture available to all ministries involved in outreach to the Hausa people.” In 2004, the Bible League will supply 90,000 whole Bibles and 35,000 New Testaments in the New Hausa Standard Version for placement through small group Bible studies offered by local churches in Nigeria. Bible League will also provide Scriptures in about 40 different language translations throughout Africa in 2004.