Bible Translation Ministry Sends 80,000 Bibles to China

( [email protected] ) May 17, 2004 03:33 PM EDT

May 17, 2004 – the Bible Translation Center has unveiled plans to send to China no less than 80,000 “Easy-to-read” copies of the Holy Bible in hopes of spreading the gospel to many hungry and thirsty souls in the nation. China continues to be a country of great anti-Christian persecution – though this fact continues to be denied by the government officials.

However, what cannot be denied is the growing history of God within the borders of China. Daily, thousands of Chinese find true joy and comfort in the words of the Lord through the earnest and genuine dedication of many individuals working to further the spread of gospel in China. Each year, the numbers of Chinese Christians confessing their faith in the Lord continues to grow rapidly in the face of blatant government persecution.

In this atmosphere, the shipment of new bibles will prove to be a great boost and encouragement to Chinese Christians braving persecution for the eternal kingdom of God.

Before this fall, the Bible Translation center hopes to send at least 20,000 copies of the Chinese bibles. With such effort and dedication from the staff of the Bible Translation Ministry, more individuals within China will have chances to receive the gospel – adding to the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in China.