Gallery: Struggles to Preserve Marriage

At the Boston Statehouse
( [email protected] ) Mar 12, 2004 03:03 AM EST

Demonstrators, left to right, Obed Rivera, of Boston; Yaquelin Ramirez, of Weymouth, Mass., Jacqueline Reyes, and Heidy Reyes, both of Lynn, Mass., hold signs Thursday March 11, 2004 in front of the Statehouse in Boston, urging the legislature not to support same-sex marriage.

Ryan Pledger, 11, of Woburn, Mass., left, and his cousin Aaron Pledger, 10, of Brooklyn, N.Y., center, hold signs and chant with others from two Baptist churches who are opposed to gay marriage, outside the Statehouse in Boston, Thursday, March 11, 2004. Ryan's father is pastor of the Anchor Baptist Church in Woburn, and Aaron's father is pastor of the 6th Avenue Baptist Church in Brooklyn.

Gay marriage opponent Melvin Reyes passes out stickers.

Supporters and opponents of gay marriage protest outside the State House.

Demonstrators, both for and against gay marriage, hold signs on the steps in front of the State House in Boston.

Gay marriage opponent James Gilles yells outside the State House.

Supporters of the amendment to the Massachusetts constitution that would ban same-sex marriage demonstrate outside the Statehouse in Boston, March 11, 2004, where the Legislature convenes to debate whether gays have a constitutional right to wed.